Friday, April 8, 2011

Free Range Friday or I like beaches better than wallpaper.

Who knew? Wallpaper, the stuff of wall coverings. Put on with adhesives that could bond rockets to the sky if done correctly. Somewhere out there is a person who does that very correctly. I, not singlehandedly, am destroying that work. A wall at a time. Respectfully. With gritted teeth and gluey gloves. On to the beach!

Before work, chores. Lorraine feeds critters, I bring water and snap shots

Junior, wondering if I bring food

After work walk

Houses and a hotel

I want bags of these stones! Most are about 1/2 inch, I'd need lots

A cool looking old buoy

Watch Hill lighthouse - I think

Love these fences and dunes

Last year's beach rose - more in bud

Very nice twig work!

Surfers! I didn't even touch the water with my fingertips...these guys are insa dedicated

The sun starts to fall

Outrageous sunset...cold and almost clear
Went to catch another view and a sand dune got in the way...almost too late but for this

This morning outside my window (it's 32! You think I"m going out there? NOT)

 In nodding to Free Range Friday (last night we had pork loin from Mr. Pig, that's three animals so far, but I was pleasantly tired and had to make a big decision between port and brandy and forgot to take photos), I'm giving you a tiny contest - tiny because it ain't that difficult! The winner gets...huge satisfaction that he or she is so smart and aware. Or maybe a prize, we'll see!

One of these eggs is not like the others! Which is the pheasant egg? 
(and yes, it tastes just like a chicken egg!)

Since all work and no play makes MJ pretty worthless, tomorrow we are going to the city...yep, that city (no, not London, the other The City). It's not too far a drive, Jim and Lorraine really like spending a day or so there and I haven't been to NYC in about...25 years. Maybe there is something to new to see, you think? Hoping to hit a museum and do a lot of walkabout, any brilliant suggestions for a stop, let me know!

Have a funky Friday! Do something fried.

p.s. A little Harold's Planet joy. Used with permission.


  1. It's beautiful there! And New York CITY? How absolutely scary! You will really appreciate your slice of paradise after that visit.

  2. Not scary at all! MOMA? Katz's deli? Greenwich Village? Chinatown? I can't wait!

  3. Loves me some NYC. Takes about two hours to assimilate the accents and appreciate the public transportation network, then...Wow!

  4. We didn't use the public transport, since we decided to concentrate on pretty much one area, Greenwich Village. The accents were great! Especially funny in Katz's deli, where almost everyone sounded British!