Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A day in Connecticut

It's not that cold. It's cold, no doubt about it! But not that in-your-bones-can't-get warm cold. Let me just get that out of the way first. Except for shower time, but there is plenty of hot water so I lived. Schmazing!

It is beautiful here. Spring blooms are coming through, green peeking out here and there, buds swelling on the trees. Trees. Lots of them. And lots of stones. It's not called Stonington for nothing; they are everywhere!  In dry walls along the road, through fields, over hills. Dozens and hundreds and thousands of stones, each one having to be lifted and sorted and balanced by two hands. Stone fences have always drawn me, so this place is like a wonder land. There are neat fences and loose ones, dry and mortared, fancy and practical. Beautiful, all.

Farewell for now, PR

Sea in the sky

Light show beats movie

View from my bedroom window

Smokehouse (with tulips!) and shop and yes, there are hams in there

Back of the house

Lorraine and the bunnies

Pheasants with new 'horns'...a Spring thing

Junior (the dinner on hooves) and Zorra the Sato

Ground view

On a walkabout

Some of those stones

Stone wall in the woods

Eggs from the girls

Eggs from the pheasants

Lorraine and her flock

End of a long day

The critters have gone to roost and rest, and so did we
I loft out me in the Tyvek suit and mask, those are on Lorraine's camera. And the house filled with...well, about everything I've ever heard of in my life, most of it ruined by water damage and mold (hence the Tyvek suit and mask). The men tear down and rebuild, we sort and carry and the work goes on. But inbetween there is time to go sit out by the water and watch a swan building her nest. Wonderous!

More to come, it's time to move out from the covers and into the day.

Have a welcoming Wednesday! Do something warm. Welcome home, you travelers!

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  1. Hmm. When I was in New Milford, Connecticut a few years ago, I remember asking about all the stone walls. It must be the thing to have in Connecticut (not just Stonington, since it looks like they are on exact opposite ends of the State). Have fun and don't work too hard!