Sunday, March 29, 2009

And finally...

Our own word for the day (or maybe the year) - learn it, say it, use it! Let it become the NEW word! Make a tee shirt, a bumper sticker, a read it here first because it was spoken here first (and no, not by me: anyone who reads this blog or knows me at all knows I'm much more inclined to use ten words when one would do rather than one word to take the place of two). A Culebra original!


If you need a definition...well, never mind. I will give you a sentence though. "He obviously came out tonight to commit random acts of stupicy."

And now, for the main event! Because being too serious is bad for your is something else. I know we've all seen some of these, but 99% of this batch was new to me so I hope it's new to you as well! Enjoy!


  1. I have a feeling the story-behind-the-story is stupendous...spill, darlin'!

  2. I'd best let you keep your was one of those middle of the day sidewalk stop and say hello moments that somehow went from zero serious to hilarious in 4 minutes, giving birth to a new word

  3. Would love to know that story myself! Hey - guess what happened to me? I was clicking the google ads over yonder to the left and it brought me to a Peruvian chicken restaurant right here in Atlanta. It's not far from us, is cheap and looks yummy! I hope other viewers do you the great favor of clicking on the google ad$.

  4. I'd tell you the story but that would be utter stupicy! Very cool on the restaurant! And thanks for ad kudos... you just never know.