Friday, March 27, 2009

Do you want to know?

Today I went sort of insane at the veggie guy's stand. Stopped once in the morning and braved the laughing lines. In the line are locals and visitors. Locals are ready to be late for anything, visually gobbling up everything. As one woman put it to a stateside friend..."I don't get my hair or nails done, I don't go to malls, I go to the veggie guy on Friday." She'll forgive me the bastardized quote as it hits the gist of the thing.

There isn't much to tempt your wallet on Culebra so when the veggie guy comes in with more and more wonderous things - this week he brought in a hydroponic mesclum mix (NOT mescaline, which a friend mis-heard me say while in line...) and a leaf lettuce that are from his farm. How could I not buy them?? And Elana is doing sprouts...gotta buy them. And leeks...must have! Tangerines, red potatoes, shallots, baby spinach, cauliflower, asparagus and so much more. And then I came back by in the afternoon and bought MORE!

You have to understand, I have a fridge the size of a college student. So basically, I had to start eating immediately. Which I did. Asparagus steamed...I didn't even douse them with butter before they became snack food. Grape tomatoes...inhaled while reading. Baby spinach went on a tomato (from MY garden) and red onion sandwich. And now I was sort of sickeningly full but not the full of ick, where grease is floating. Just...full of really good food. And enough room in the fridge now to tuck in all the goodies that I'll make into something yum as the week goes on.

So, where is What's in that Friday? Well, here! In both of those hugely indulgent shoppings I spent about 35 dollars. Adding what I have at home - rice, chicken, eggs, I won't need to shop again all week. If I had 3 more in the house? I'd make a bigger pot of rice or pasta. Maybe buy a little bit more chicken for a stir fry. I'd be set for the week, dinner wise. You figure it out this week! Tell me what you did.


  1. Hey Sis, I think that Whats in that Friday is confusing, how bout What's in IT Friday?

  2. Did I say you could come out of the corner yet?? I don't THINK so!!!
    Something I write, confusing? Hmmm. I'll think about IT.