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Morning reminder

Make your plans!!! A candle lit late dinner, games by lantern light...marshmallows and s'mores over a well-tended fire..You can watch the lights go out in cities around the world using the map to the left.

Here are some things that will go on around the US from a blog I found. Let it be a springboard for your own participation, or maybe one of these towns is your town!

I loved the video from Fiji last year where indigenous dances were held using torches (no, not flashlights, real on fire torches!)

Natural Nighttime Activities and Education

  • The Arizona Science Center in downtown Phoenix will host a stargazing event at the museum and handing out "star maps."

  • The Parks service in San Francisco will offer nature hikes.

  • The John Hancock Observatory in Chicago will host a viewing event, and offer energy-efficiency education.

  • Schools will hand out "I’m not afraid of the dark" stickers in Chicago and Atlanta

Unique Fun in the Dark

  • More than 160 downtown buildings in Chicago will participate — which means the biggest show will be the skyline itself.

  • The House of Yoga in Berkley, Mich. will hold a session in the dark.

  • Students at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago will play glow-in-the-dark Frisbee.

  • Students from several universities in Chicago (Roosevelt, Columbia, DePaul, and others) will host an acoustic concert and promise to deliver a ghost at University Center.

  • Canoe in Atlanta will turn off outside lights, filling its outdoor fountain with floating candles, and invite guests in for a private party in the wine room.

  • Chicago's greenest "Wicked" witch, Elphaba, will make a special appearance outside the Ford Center for the Performing Art's Oriental Theatre in Chicago, where she will "cast a magic spell" under the marquee to kick off Earth Hour.

Dinner and Romance

  • The Sheraton Hotel in Chicago will have a candle-light check-in and a "green cocktail party" featuring glow-in-the-dark ice cubes.

  • Cibo in Phoenix will host a romantic candlelight dinner with special desert options.

  • The Weather Mark tavern in Chicago plans a special Earth Hour dinner and party.

  • Chipotle Mexican Grill will also be turning off its outside lights at all 12 Atlanta-area locations, and encourage area customers to turn off their lights and eat out.


  • Eco-tinis will be served at several upscale bars and restaurants in Phoenix, and servers will wear glow-in-the-dark necklaces.

  • Marlow's Tavern in Midtown Atlanta will host an In the Dark party, with drink specials, live music and candlelight.

  • Metrotainment Restaurants in Atlanta will be "shaking up awareness on climate change" with a special eco-tinis, candlelight dinners, and a specially baked "global cupcake" in honor of Earth Day.

Carrying On, Without the Lights

  • Julie Van Fleet's book club in Galesburg, Ill. will take place by candlelight.

  • Anta's Fitness and Self Defense, in Miami, will turn off the lights and train students by candlelight in the Shaolin Temple.

  • Joe’s on Juniper in Chicago will hosting an Earth Hour Trivia Night


  • The Maricopa County Fourth Avenue Jail in Phoenix will turn off non-essential lighting outside

Here's another good list from :

Earth Hour Checklist

Top Ten Things to Do to Save Energy

Here are some things that you can do to prepare for Earth Hour, and a checklist of things to do on March 28th.

Remember that saving energy is about more than just turning down the lights. Challenge yourself to do some or all of these energy saving things for Earth Hour - and every day - to save energy and help the planet.

#10 Fill Up Your Freezer

Did you know that an empty freezer uses up more energy than a full one?

If you have empty space in your freezer or deep-freeze, you can conserve energy - and reduce your electric bill - by freezing used pop bottles or milk jugs of water. Fill empty containers about 2/3rds full and place them in your freezer. The ice will help maintain the temperature inside the freezer, allowing it to use less energy.

#9 Invite Your Friends Over

You can help spread Earth Hour awareness by inviting your friends, family or neighbors to join you for Earth Hour activities. A few friendly faces can help make the time go faster, too!

Pakistani Christian Girls Create the Digits of 2007 with Lit Candles

Light Candles for Earth Hour

#8 Fix Drafts

Drafty doors and windows cause your heating and cooling bills to go up. Try to repair or cover any drafts around your home before Earth Hour. The money you save will help throughout the year as well!

You can also keep heating and cooling costs down with thermal window coverings. But if you're pinching pennies, simple dark curtains can keep a room warm in winter, and white curtains keep it cool in summer.

#7 Turn Down the Heat

If you're living in a cool climate and have the heat on in March, try turning your heat down slightly for Earth Hour.

To minimize the amount of energy that you use for heating, make sure that heating units are well ventilated and not obscured by furniture. There should be at least a few inches of space between heaters and other objects for them to work efficiently.

Close off any rooms that are not used regularly, and only heat rooms that you need to. If you keep your thermostats at a moderate temperature throughout the day, you will use less energy than you do by turning it up and down at different times.

#6 Unplug Appliances

At 8:25 on March 28th, it's time to start powering down for Earth Hour.

You can start by unplugging your small appliances such as the microwave and coffee maker. Hopefully, your toaster is already unplugged when not in use!

Toast Popping out of Sleek Stainless Steel Toaster

Unplug Your Toaster for Earth Hour!

#5 Unplug Chargers

For one hour, unplug your cell phone charger, battery re-charger and any other adaptors you have around your home. If you leave these items unplugged when not in use, you can save a few dollars in energy costs every month.

If you have a cordless phone you will need to leave it plugged in, unless you have a standard telephone in the house as well.

#4 Unplug Clocks and Electronics

It won't take long to reset your digital alarm clock after Earth Hour is finished. Unplug as many of the clocks around your home as possible. If you have a digital watch or wall clock, you can unplug them all!

Turn off and unplug your television and other devices like DVD players and video game consoles. If you have all of your electronics plugged into a power bar or surge bar, you can switch them all off at the end of the day, everyday. This can help you save money every month.

#3 Shut Off Your Computer

Power down all of the devices at your desk for one hour. You can simply switch off the power bar or surge bar.

If there are items plugged in with your computer that must stay on, such as a cordless phone, you can unplug items individually, or turn off the power manually. Most computers have a power switch at the back of the tower that shuts them down completely.

#2 Unplug Lamps and Nightlights

Just like other electrical items, lamps should be unplugged when not in use. Unplug all of the floor and desk lamps in your home for Earth Hour. Only plug them back in as you need to use them.

Paper Bag Full of Glass Light Bulbs

"Lights Out" for Earth Hour

#1 Turn Off the Lights

Last but not least, turn down all of the lights in your home. It's a little strange sitting around in the dark, but it's only for one hour. Just think of what it must have been like before the invention of the light bulb!

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