Saturday, May 9, 2009

Can't get enough...

Well, I can't, maybe you can or have. God forbid I ever fall passionately in love with one of my own species; someone will have to steal my fingers and shoot my computer. Four perfect orchids in bloom and I'm mesmerized.

And yes, another wonderful time out of time with the flamingo! With Ann & Linda, we got to watch him feeding, and FLYING! This time we were watching from above further up the road. We were actually on the way out when Ann glanced over and there he was, majestically flying from one side of the pond to another. Of course the camera was back in my bag...but I did get some shots of him feeding and a mini video...

I swear there are differences in the photos!

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. Since we all had one somewhere along the way, amazing, great, good, not so bad or not so good. I like to think we're a combination of all of that, falling more heavily to one side or the other. Some of the best mothers didn't birth any children, but had mother hearts and mother breasts and mother wings to tuck in waywards. So here's to the mothers of the world, who love as best they are able. Give your mom a call, or just remember to say happy mother's day to the women in your world as you go through your Sunday.

The municipality puts on a Mother's Day celebration tomorrow with everyone invited. Seven years ago, I moved here on Mother's Day. My daughter Sarah was born the day before Mother's Day 33 years ago. It's a good day for me and I'll be raising the glass high and remembering the mothers in my life. Hope you do the same.


  1. It's the Freddy Flamingo Happy Dance! SWEET!!!

  2. Freddy? Freddy??? This elegant bird, this once in a half century miracle, Freddy? You can do better than that, Missy! Even Federico would be better (not that I'm suggesting that name)

    The Happy Food Dance you got spot on though...SWEET!

  3. It wasn't me! It was Bill!