Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kentucky Derby Day!

artwork by Jeff Williams

Just a head's up so you won't blame me if you miss the Derby today! Six o'clock p.m. EST for the actual race but I'm sure there will be a good hour or more of lead up. All those stories, at least two guaranteed to get you teary eyed.

As per tradition, I'll be watching the Derby with Linda again this year. She has some friends down so we could be watching it at her house instead of Dinghy Dock. If so, we'll be back there next year!

But first, I'm heading down to the betting place to put a few bucks on my pick for the winner. And no I'm not telling but I'll give you a hint...he's not a real favored horse according to the betting lists. That never stopped me before!

Happy Derby Day! And if you must drink mint julep's, I've got some fresh mint in the garden you're welcome to use.


  1. We usually go to the track over in Cahokia, IL, and watch and bet the simulcast. This year we're invited to our friend Rindy's place for race and dinner. Her menu:

    mint juleps
    cheese wafers
    spicy nuts
    Grilledes(pork stew)
    cheese straws
    French Chocolate Cake

    Need I tell you that I will, indeed, be sipping mint juleps? Alas, I don't think Fedex can deliver your delectible mint leaves by post time. Please post your "hat" picture...;-)

  2. Of course you'll be drinking mint juleps! Will your ascot match your vest? The menu sounds wonderful. Figures you have friends who give you the menu of what's for dinner (humming 'Aniticipation' here~~~~) Actually, I know what we're having as well. Buen provecho!

    You'll have to wait to find out about a hat picture (which I first read as "hot" picture and wondered what on earth you could possibly mean).

  3. Ahem...for certain island bloggers, the two words are interchangeable and complementary...and wow, what a race!