Monday, May 4, 2009

Just another magic Monday

The yard is literally buzzing with bees swarming blossoms on the genipe tree. Like opium addicts at an all day free clinic, they can barely stay on one nectar filled spot, causing the tree to faintly vibrate under the zzzzzz of thousands of wings. Another sign of Spring. I wondered if the bees were coming back, as lately all I've seen are wasps. Bees are a good thing (well, unless they fill your walls up and you happen to be allergic to them as has happened to a couple of people I know around here).

A couple of things that keep sitting on my desktop that I mean to post but somehow something else is happening.

One is Free Rice. I'm sure a lot of you have see this and played, with that good feeling of 'I'm doing something fun and helping someone at the same time'. But if you haven't heard of it, or it's been awhile since you played, here is your chance. What's Free Rice? Find out!

I was on the cart corner talking with a friend who is fluent in Spanish and a poster caught my eye from back during the election that I couldn't quite suss out the meaning, so I asked for the translation. She started laughing and explaining something else entirely, thinking I meant a different sign. I see this sign every day and yet I realized I've never see it at all. It's an Adopt a Road sign, which of course are all over in the states (I remember when one went up near downtown Orlando sponsered by the Gay & Lesbian community - oh the furor! It was GREAT!).

If you aren't familiar with the concept, a civic minded group adopts a road - or a section of a road - to keep clean. They have clean ups every once in a while and it's all good. Culebra has a little different take on the program. Well, maybe it's actually someone in the PR government that didn't quite get the memo right.

Or maybe I just don't understand what the DOT is all about. Here. But I was thinking, as I was walking home yesterday in the seemingly more than ever trash strewn road that it might be a good idea for some of us to adopt a road. Once the paving is done (and I'm close to transported with delight that they are almost done around the cart) and the dust has settled, the 'who gives a damn' attitude about how bad it looks needs to change. See trash? Pick it up! The earth and the sea and the critters say thank you (really, they do...they tell me).

Enjoy your Monday! Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, in case you've forgotten. There's a good chance I'll be back later today with some suggestions on good things to make to celebrate.


  1. Here in Vermont, the first weekend of May is known as "Green Up Day." Not sure if it's "celebrated" in other states or not. Towns provide green trash bags and residents sign up for a section of the road to clean up. Big things like metal posts or tires can be tagged so that the town truck will spot them and pick them up. When your bag is filled, you leave it by the side of the road. Usually around noonish, towns have big shindigs to celebrate the cleanliness of the roadside with free food and drinks and even entertainment. It's all very fun and makes the clean up process more of a party than a chore.

  2. June, what a great idea! I'll suggest it to the powers that be and see what can happen. Thanks!