Monday, May 4, 2009

Magic Monday continues

As not quite promised, here are some menu suggestions for Cinco de Mayo, which, as you know, is one of the biggest party holidays celebrated in many, many places with most people not having a clue as to why it's celebrated. But that's not my problem, I've told you most of you (all 7!) about this holiday every year now for a long time and frankly, if you don't remember the story yet, please drink responsibly! Although (you knew I couldn't resist shoveling a little history, didn't you?), this writer has a very current take on what will probably go down in Mexican history as the year of the most famous and least celebrated Cinco de Mayo (and if this photograph doesn't make you crave some Mexican food (that's cabrita, baby!), I give up. Photo credit: Paul Howell)

When I titled today's post Magic Monday this morning, I just had a whiff, maybe it was only a hopeful whiff, that magic was in the air. I don't think I'm the only one around here who could use a little magic right about now, and the universe delivered.

After I got home from the cart, I had a phone call. It was Linda, somewhat breathlessly asking what I was doing and to get ready, because she had a big surprise for me and would be coming over in 10 minutes. Now, I don't know about you, but I don't get calls like that very often, so I tried to just go into Zen mode and not think. Do NOT think one of your kids is here, or your brother. Do not think Linda found out we really DID win our Kentucky Derby bets. A very long ten minutes later she showed up calling, "Bring your camera!" We headed back to town but then turned toward Flamenco...and then turned on the back road going to the Mullecito, where Linda led me into the woodsy area and told me to go down the path. And there, in the lagoon/pond, was the most beautiful, most bright, most big flamingo! Yes!! The first one seen there in 53 years!

Complete magic, right there. He (or she, can't tell) strutted and fed, ignoring us, ignoring the two cars full of people up on the road on the other side, just strut and stroll. On the little beach in front of us a plover (I was told it's a plover and I'm believing it) did a little 'oh I'm hurt, come catch me' dance to protect her eggs laying there on the shore, in the open. After a while of shooting photos, oh and ahhing we left her to her potential babies and I've been playing with the pics ever since. I hope you can get some sense of how...remarkable this bird is. In the wild. Alone. Hopefully the first of many. But even if not, magic happened today. Thank you, Linda, for listening to the urge to share it with me!

(I should have made it larger, I'm seeing now, but I'd be posting this at 3 am! I'll put solo pics up later)

(don't forget to click to make the pic bigger!)


  1. I am just speechless. Bill K. sent me an e-mail about 9:30 this morning with photos, and I've written him back twice and commented on his blog. He probably thinks I'm insane, but I simply just CANNOT believe my (though you and him) eyes. I want to get on a plane RIGHT NOW! As I told him, you tell those birds to stick around for a couple of weeks. I want to see them, live and in person. This is so unbelievable. . . I hope they (I hear there are two) are here to stay, breed, and reclaim Flamenco Lagoon.

  2. I feel the same way and I'm here! I hadn't checked Bill's blog yet, but of course he was on it. I only saw one this afternoon, I SOOOO hope there are two making a nest!

  3. Just freaking wow...

  4. WOW MJ. How very, very exciting. Good thing it's not April 1st or I'd think you were trying to pull a fast one. Please keep us all posted!

  5. Wow indeed! Lots of people have heard by now and everyone who has seen him/her has the same reaction. Magic wow!

    I'll definitely be checking on him by sight and word of mouth with occasional reports and pics.

  6. Flamingo Pic Rocked! Wow, sucker looks way healthier than anything I ever saw at Hialeah Downs!
    My Cinco De Mayo Meal was Goat Stew! I am going to attemp to BBQ some (after much Marinating) next time, I have decided to try to describe it to someone, its closer to Mutton than most any Critter I have tasted, which is fine with me, and I shall season it accordingly, it seems that there are mostly only Carribean and Middle Eastern Recipes for this Far Ranging Critter, I am going to Floridianize it for my Grilling Pleasure, Im thinking Mojo marinade with Citrus of some kind for a sweet taste.

  7. I remember those flamingos and I agree, they were literally a pale comparison to ours!

    So....your cabrito was a little tough, eh? Not all goats are raised the same! But marinading in wine and some oj overnight (just like venison) can do a miracle worth of tenderizing. If you can get - oh, of course you can! - a papaya, even better, as papaya has wonderful enzymes for breaking down tough meat. Oh well, like Dad always said, keep chewing, it's good for your teeth!

  8. Your daughter is beautiful, but I'm still hung up on the beautiful Ms. Pinky in this post. I'm assuming that the flamingos in Hialeah were in captivity - it's my understanding that those in captivity are always a paler shade of pink because they do not have access to the same salt content that they do in the wild. The flamingos in the Atlanta zoo are pitifully pale. So, Ms. Pinky must be a happy camper indeed, as indicated by her beautiful color.

  9. Yes, the bird and Michelle are both exquisite, both miracles. You'll be happy to know I have more photos of the flamingo to post that I took this morning...