Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day still not so pretty, but bananas and banana quits are!

Indeed, not only did the sun refuse to break through the clouds, the clouds themselves thickened along with the humidity as the day went along. The good news is that as of the moment, either the humidity is departing and cool air is making a comeback, or my cold shower and hour in front of the fan is accomplishing the same feeling. Either way, I'm happier!

There is news on the "push push" law, as to comments. To read Digna's and Maryann's (English is at the end of Maryann's, I'm still looking for it on Digna's), follow these links.



A bright, random act of kindness happened...a young couple was walking by the cart, the guy eating a sugar banana. He looked over at me. He stopped, reaching into the bag and pulling out another banana, he then asked if I'd like one. Well, sure! Who turns down one of those succulant treats? It was cold too, making it almost like a banana popscicle, a timely antidote to the heavy heat. He was from Columbia and told me the name they call them there, but of course I don't remember it. I do and will remember the kindness and our smiles though. And the taste of that banana, sweet coolness lingering...

photo credit: Flavio Germano

Another bright and beautiful thing was going on - I'm sure lots were but this was one for me. As I was walking home, I saw sugar/banana quits going wild at the feeder on our local Avon lady's porch. I could hear birds chirruping in the dozens and looked over to see them swarming this feeder and the bush next door. No doubt there are nests nearby, as the birds were darting around like hummingbirds from the feeder to somewhere and back (sure, I was able to tell them apart...). Very neat, more sugar/banana smiles.

The sky may be grey and it might be humid, but there are sugar bananas and sugar / banana quits in the world, so it can't be that bad. That's my story and I'm sticking (not stuck) to it.

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