Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I've taken to afternoon walks in my neighborhood lately; places I've wanted to go and have just been able to find lots of reasons not to go. Too hot, too cold, too much effort. Funnily enough, once I've actually gotten and gone, it's nothing at all near difficult and really enjoyable. Especially as on Culebra, you never know what might happen next.

I wish you could do scratch and sniff on this photo. There is an orange tree in bloom, its fragrance heady and transporting me to a younger version of myself in Florida, playing in the orange groves on the river....

Yesterday at the cart, a friend was telling me about a new colt around here that I should see. So that was the direction the walk was going. As I came up the road, there was the colt, not tucked into Mama, but in the middle of the road, coming toward me! And there was Mama, behind a fence, agitated to be on the wrong side of her little one.

After awhile of talking to them and taking pictures, another friend came down the road in her vehicle, dogs on board. I told her what was going on and she went looking for someone who would know who owned the horses to fix the situation. We got a bit of help but realized a wait was coming. Mama and baby were now up off the main road and seemed calm and content to feed on either side of the fence. I was invited on her dog walk in the meantime, which seemed a beachy idea, and it was.

When we got back, baby and Mama were still separated by a fence. But just then (as these things go around here), up came a car full of people who knew exactly who to call and who would take care of everything. I could go home knowing all was well.

With the myriad of situations that we see as wrong, these walks remind me again of what is right, why Culebra's beauty is worth fighting for. Yes, next time at that beach I'll bring along a big bag to pick up the plastic garbage strewn all over the beach. But it didn't stop me from seeing the beauty or feeling the peace, the release that, for me, only the sea can give.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood~~~~~~~

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