Friday, May 15, 2009

While waiting for What's in that Friday...

I came across a funny site the other day called Plan 59 that has lots and lots of 50's type memorabilia on it. One section is old veggie and fruit crate labels. Here are some I thought were pretty interesting or just funny. At one time in my life, when crates seemed a perfectly fine furniture accessory (which they still would be, if I wasn't afraid of termites and if they still made those sorts of crates), I had a pretty good collection of old labeled crates - it helped living in Florida where oranges and grapefruits had the BEST labels! But they aren't the only good ones...

At first I thought this was a Florida crate, but not with those mountains...or those Indians! Seminoles didn't have quite the same sex appeal...

This is the happiest yam eating kid I've ever this Opie's brother?

Nothing like a good smoke to work up an appetite for some fine juicy Indian River fruit

What ARE they seeing? It sends my imagination reeling with possibilities
(note the goat and the little boy - no wonder those yams spilled out)

This is just a small sample. I have no idea what Porto Rican connection there is, but naturally, it caught my eye. Somehow I've never associated Puerto Rico with yams...but apparently some connection was there.

If you are interested in old crate labels, this site should be checked out. It's sort of the super site for labels. I think the historical aspect is pretty interesting, beside being entertaining. And the art work is really good!

Since the early part of my yesterday was dedicated to getting the houseboat registration for this year (I am SO thankful the boat registration people come to Culebra once a month instead of having to go over to Fajardo to do this) and the second half was spent weeding in between unexpected rain showers, there isn't much pictorally to note the passage unless you count this, and I certainly do. Sitting with a bunch of guys for hours, English and Spanish, stories and sort of understood stories flying, ending in these magic little plastic coated pieces of paper is now a twice yearly ritual in my life (dinghy, must be December - houseboat, must be May) that I'm lucky to have, even if by the last hour I'm ready to move along to something else.

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