Friday, May 8, 2009

What's in that...Friday

Another episode of 'what's in the fridge and freezer' Friday. Why? I haven't really been shopping much. I didn't even make it to the veggie guy today. Sometimes it just seems like there is nothing I really want to EAT, though according to my scale, I manage to figure out something during these times.

~wisteria going crazy near the Post Office~

So today, not wanting to shop and suddenly remembering it is Friday I went through a few ideas of what sounds good, what do I have and what will I really make. This recipe changed about three times in the making but here's how it ended up. You might begin to think that I tend toward an Asian influence in foods I make, and you'd be right! It's wonderful hot or cold, it makes you sweat and it cools you off at the same time. I'll probably head into a Mexican phase one of these days, but today, it's Asian Inspired Leftovers.

Lo mein noodles (if you put your thumb and forefinger together, that's about the right amount for two people...unless you can palm a basketball, in which case, use less)

A few leaves of racao or some cilantro, roughly minced

A few leaves of basil, roughly minced (I used Holy basil, with its licorice/lemony taste, because I have it)

1 hot pepper, finely sliced (I used aji cabellero, which is very hot, much like a thai pepper - consider your taste zone)

About a teaspoonful of fish sauce

About a tablespoon of sriracha (very hot sauce found in Asian markets, nickname, Rooster sauce)

About a teaspoonful of hoisin sauce

Dash of sesame oil (I use hot sesame oil, it doesn't have to be hot)

Leftover chicken (beef or pork are fine, I had leftover chicken in the freezer)

Enough water or broth (I made broth by bringing the chicken to a slow boil and then simmered while it defrosted) to barely cover the meat you are using

If you use a frozen meat and make a broth as above (on simmer), remove the meat when it is 'shreddable', maybe 20 minutes. If meat is not frozen, simmer the meat for about 10 minutes and remove from water. Set aside to cool.

Add the fish sauce, sriracha, hoisin, basil and racao/cilantro to the broth. Simmer while shredding the meat. Add the meat. There should be enough liquid to cover ingredients and a little more. Simmer another five minutes and then bring to a boil.

Add noodles and cook until *almost* done, 4 to 5 minutes. Noodles should still have some 'chew' in them. Let this rest about 5 minutes. Enough of the broth will be absorbed that this will no longer be soupy. If there is more broth left than you like, just use a slotted spoon for serving.

This is nice with a salad, tomato slices, or any cool vegetable as a side dish.

Buen provecho!

p.s. If the above photo looks like an ad for Roland products, that's because that is the only brand of things like fish sauce and sesame oil available! Thanks, Carlos, of Superette Mayra, or we wouldn't have it at all!


  1. Color, color, color, I love it all. Looking westward towards the Adirondacks today, the color I saw on tops was WHITE! Luckily it's green down here, but give me color, color, color any day! Happy belated Mother's Day to you.

  2. And to you as well, June! More Culebra color to come...enjoy your green.