Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wide world adverture update

I was going to post about bits of this and that but I got an email from my friend Chuck that I thought was a lot more interesting (you might even read names you know). As he heads for Fiji on his boat Deviant, our own Lori is in St. Martin getting ready to take off tomorrow for not quite so exotic, but very beautiful Rhode Island on a boat delivery. I'm very jealous of both of them in the best of ways, and wish them both fair winds and following seas.

But I do have these pictures from Dinghy Dock that I must post! Of course, now I'm jonesing for lobster...with asparagus...and strawberries...Yes, all fed to me by my slave who somehow manages to keep the hammock swinging and fan me at the same time. It's my fantasy; go get your own.

"They catch 'em, I cook 'em" - Chef Neil

Them's some serious lobster!

Bula Crew!

Bula is the word of greeting in Fiji. The Deev is Fiji bound in two days. 1,600 miles southeast should take 2-3 weeks depending on weather and sea conditions. I have 2 crew members onboard the Deev with me, Heather, a 43 year old professional women’s basketball player and coach and Taylor, a 23 year old World Teach teacher who spent the last year working in outer island schools. Taylor wants a ride to Fiji so she can fly to Western Samoa and visit her boyfriend who is Peace Corps there and Heather is on walkabout. Small world… Taylor’s Dad sailed the Caribbean back in the 80’s and it seems that he and I have several friends in common.

The new sails for the boat arrived 2 weeks ahead of schedule from Lee Sails in Hong Kong. They are damn near perfect. Of course I should have put them on 10,000 miles ago but I was reluctant to spend the loot. They turned out to be much less expensive than I expected and the quality is excellent.

In Fiji I plan to haul the boat out for bottom painting and other routine maintenance. It’s been 2 years since the last haul out. While there I hope to get a chance to fly back to the States for a visit and perhaps down to the Caribbean for a month or so. We’ll see…

Chuck's sail - 1787 miles to go....

This past year in the Marshall’s has been very satisfying and pleasant. Hanging out with my old pal Neal Skinner was a plus as was reacquainting myself with old friends that I had met here when I passed through with Pete Washburn in the 80’s onboard his boat “Buxom II”.

Fishing has been excellent here in the Marshall Islands as summer approaches. Fishing is good here year around but can get exceptional in the summer when the Yellowfin get thick. Sea conditions get more pleasant in the summer as well. Several 500+ Blue Marlin have been caught recently and quite a few smaller fish in the 300 pound range have been caught as well.

I have mentioned before that the fishing boats here are not top of the line. We have no real boats out here. Most are just small boats with outboards. Fishing techniques are not advanced either. It’s “Jungle Rules” with everyone on board helping to pull in the fish. And nobody backs down or chases the fish.

This place is hot and really should be intelligently developed as a premier fishing destination. Any takers??? Get in touch!

That’s all for now, Crew.

Cheers and Carry On!

Chuck Handy, from the edge of the world.


If you see me in the street, shout out a 'Bula!'.

With the beautiful weather, I've been going to town and back home via the water. Should have been doing this a LONG time ago (yes, Francie, I'm a slow learner).

Heading home

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