Saturday, May 30, 2009

The end of Friday on Saturday

As we were heading toward the new digs, the sky, blue all day, got full of some dramatic clouds, thunder rolled for a good half an hour, and this beautiful dash of rainbow stayed in the sky almost as long...

No rain fell, the clouds dispersed and it was a beautiful evening (as it is a beautiful morning as well!)

By general consensus, this turned out to be delicious! Judy, you can come by the cart today and pick up your sample!

While we were enjoying the view, someone noticed a deer on a road across the valley. I took a couple of short videos but, because I have SOME ego here, I think I'll just share the photos with you instead.

Deer far away

Closer and looking at us

This is why we get cranky when it is grey for days on end...we miss the sky shows

Up on the roof & Macky too


  1. You island woman have way too much fun. Time to get you all into treatment.

  2. The pic of the deer looks like it is on the road going up to Casa Del Sol. Oh to be back on Culebra. Am heading to FL Gulf Coast on June 27 for 2 weeks and can't wait!!!

  3. Enjoy Florida! It's not Culebra but it does have its magic spaces.

    I don't know where Casa del Sol is. But there have been quite a few deer seen all over the island in the last months, including on the beaches. Everyone should keep their eyes open!