Saturday, May 16, 2009


Off to watch the Preakness at Dinghy Dock! May the best horse win, especially if it's one I bet on!

Follow up. How embarrassing! Between three women we'd bet on eight horses out of a field of thirteen. And NONE of us picked a winner. Independently betting, none of us picked the favorite. We figure this says something about us...but we don't really think we want to know what it says.

But did you see Mine That Bird?? If the race had been 10 seconds longer, he'd have done it again! What a horse!

The cool thing is, a filly won! Too bad we weren't politically correct enough to care when we bet. But!!! There is still the Belmont! We agree we'd like one of us to win enough to at least pay the drinks tab. Thanks to Steve at Dinghy Dock for keeping us well supplied with libations, and to Neil for knowing how to get the volume working on the television!

Rachel Alexandra - she's a beauty!

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