Friday, May 22, 2009

What's in that ...Friday?

Yesterday I got a great care package from my brother...a sort of What's in that Thursday. It is the perfect hurricane supply starter plus more (like furniture foot pads...any one need some of them?). Yes, you too can be jealous of my Dunkin' Donut coffee beans! My fish steaks in mustard! My anchovies! My Thai chicken broth! My Shout stains out pads! And just try to separate me from my mole...and salsa verde...
The reality is this is way too good to wait for troubled waters. Something Mexican and something Thai will be what I bring to whatever next event calls for pot luck (or I will be found lurking in my yard with guilty stains on my t shirt...but hey, I'll just Shout! 'em out). There's even Alka Selzer for after the party...Thanks, bro, you rock!

Once again we're in the sun/rain/cloudy zone of heavy humid air. This weather is very strange, but we're all knockin' on wood and glad the waters are much cooler than last year. And it continues to make the fishing very good for some, who are literally splashing down as I type.

As it's Memorial Day weekend which for many means a great time at the grill, I'll be posting some grilling recipes later today. How about some Korean grilled ribs? Think about that, and I'll be back in awhile to tell you how.


  1. Crap! I wondered where I put those damn furniture foot pads, been looking EVERYWHERE for them! (jus' kiddin...) Glad you enjoyed gettin it as much as I did packing it!

  2. Hey, you better use them, with that purty wood floor you have! And I did I do I will.