Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Couture for Cancer (in a land far away)

A few weeks ago my daughter Michelle sent me a couple of photographs of a fancy, fun event she went to in her home town of Topeka. There were a few reasons she went.

One of them is that she is a cancer survivor, a miracle girl. So much of a miracle that when I was telling a friend here (who is a retired mind whiz at one of the major pharmacutical companies on the big island) she got wide eyed and asked a few details and then exclaimed that she'd read about my daughter in one of the medical books she'd studied. An odd but wonderful sort of fame. A number of people here have met Michelle and know she enjoys a good time, and this fashion auction looked like a very good time indeed (another reason).

And while she didn't say it, I think another reason she went was to continue to let me know that Topeka isn't just some hayseed cowboy outpost. But I must say, if this is how women wear coats in winter, they might want to pull on a pair of overalls too. Or maybe it's a bathing suit cover up?

What do I know about fashion??? I couldn't even read her email correctly when she talked about great fashion vodka. I wondered what was fashion vodka (as the world twirls on without me)? She informed me it was her lack of a comma error, not my lack of awareness. I still think it's a great marketing idea that someone has already started doing, no doubt.

A lot of money was raised for cancer research, a good time was had by all, making the 5th Annual Couture for Cancer a big success. For me though, the success is Michelle. There are few enough miracles in the world and she is one of them. Along with the help of some incredible doctors and nurses and therapists, who all believe in miracles too.

Here is a picture of Michelle (on the left) with some friends at the oh so chic event! Not a grain co-op hat among them (you do clean up good, darlin')


  1. A cynic might say that a proclivity for the leggy fur coat look might provide clues to how it was acquired :-P. The optimist says, congrats to the lovely Michelle for sharing her winning ways!

  2. Wow! I am all for GREAT Legs AND a Cure! Michelle look VERY MUCH like our Francie here, THATS the smile! Now, the Fur coat may attract some PETA fans, and it looks like its too hot for even Kansas, I think it should be removed...

  3. No worries! That fur is made by Mattel. And I've been in Kansas when the fluid in my lighter turned to thick gel it was so cold!

    It's a pretty good smile.