Sunday, May 17, 2009

A different look at PR

Remember back when I thought I was going to get to be an extra in the Johnny Depp movie based on Hunter S. Thompson's book, The Rum Diary? Well, I'm not. Somewhere in there it just didn't happen (though the rumor bunny brought the news that someone from Culebra IS an extra!) We'll just have to invite Mr. Depp over to Culebra for a screening.

If you haven't read the book, you should but in the meantime, I found this little movie that was made about the movie...yes...and I thought it was interesting enough to share. I have a feeling Vieques is going to get some serious tourist fall out from the movie...maybe, if we're all good children, all of those developer types will go THERE!!!

*********Late update!*********
I just might get to be an extra...which I found out about 30 minutes after posting this


  1. Oooohh!! Thanks for posting. I have been meaning to get this book -- it will be all the rage once people in America get wind of the movie -- but I keep forgetting. It's on the library list now!

  2. It's an excellent book. I know the guy in the movie doesn't give it such high marks in H.S.T's oeuvre, but I think it is a great read. I read it when I knew nothing about PR (when I first moved here) and got one level and have re-read it a couple of times in the years I've now lived here, enjoying it on a whole different level.

  3. If I didn't send it already, I'll send my copy with the next shipment. It belongs on PR soil.

  4. Nope, haven't gotten that one, I'd remember! and I'll mention again House on the Lagoon by Rosario Ferre, which I consider must reading for those of us who like our history in brilliant novels. You can find it and lots of reviews at:

    which you'll have to copy and paste as I don't know how to make links in the comments section!