Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm going to get Memorial recipes in, I swear it!

I've left off a number of posts *I* wanted to do, becaue of the critical nature of what is underhandedly, in slime fashion, going on here right now. So for those of you looking and hoping for Culebra Delight, hey! Me too!
But to keep that, we have to wade through (and act on! please, if you haven't sent a comment, please send one - links in previous posts) some really nasty, greedy sorts who, confronted with opposition to their plans of Culebra rape for their own purposes and being thwarted, (who'd have thought this tiny island might have a Mary Ann, a private home owner or two who would spend thousands for lawyers and the ability to present the impacts of greed? thank you thank you thank you, you individuals who are willing to spend money in large sums to hold on to what Culebra SHOULD be!!!) have actually pulled the government into this in a completely undemocratic fashion (which, please pay attention! is what is going on here), to further their personal interests - David and Goliath indeed. So, I have to post these things because the truth is, if I don't, if these greedy bastards win, I won't be able to post about the beauty of Culebra because they will have taken that, like Costa Bonita, and ruined the sancturarial beauty that is our treasure.


The Charming Paradise Of Culebra Is In Danger
Bills Could Bring On Urban Blight

Por Limarys Suárez Torres /

Coralations argues that Culebra will lose its special character with the proposed changes to building permit processes.

For Limarys Suárez Torres /

The voice of the residents of Culebra could be turned off forever, and the island municipality would be in danger of losing its charming paradise if two bills that seek to restructure the process of evaluation and granting of building permits, are approved, neighborhood leaders and environmentalists argue .
The 1649 Bill of the House and Senate 880 Bill to eliminate of the Regulations and Permits Administration (ARPE) and creating in its place the Office of Management and Permit Endorsements places the virgin lands and natural splendor of Culebra on a path to extinction. on a road to extinction and leads to urban blight, they added.
"The concern of our residents is that these bills will eliminate the current power of the Authority of Culebra Conservation and Development (ACDEC), which was created by Act 66 of 1975 which now endorse construction projects. “Culebra should not be over developed because then you lose the Puerto Rican heritage," said Jim Galasso, American residing there for 16 years.
Galasso explained that ACDEC consists of seven members including the mayor of Culebra, Abraham Peña, and specialists in environment, natural resources and beaches.

"The developers know that Culebra is beautiful and they want to build here, but the problem is that we do not have the infrastructure for water and electrical system to have more people," said Galasso.
For his part, Rafael Espasa, legal representative of Coralations, a Culebra environmental organization, said that the bills will eliminate the special character of the island municipality and match it with the rest of Puerto Rico regarding the use and management of lands.
"Culebra will be a victim urban blight and the permit law now proposed to remove ACDEC’s veto power will turn it into another agency with concerns, but like the rest of the agencies that can give opinions and comments, they will have no power to approve or deny permits, "said Espasa.

The legal representative of Coralations stated that the Luis Fortuño’s government is focused on the view that building is synonymous with saving the economy, but then people do not have money to buy these properties.
"In Culebra there still is a surplus of unsold properties in Costa Bonita Beach Resort, under the Bankruptcy Law, it has over 50 units still unsold," said Espasa.

May 21 2009 01:36 PM | fanduca (Rosarito)
This bill goes against the democracy of our country, forcing citizens to pay bail to exercise their right to challenge building permits for builders. It also threatens our right to free access to our beaches. Besides, gentlemen, how could he try to commit the same mistakes that ended the beautiful coast of San Juan? As for Culebra, this island is the only thing left for the public to enjoy vacations and feel that we still live on an island in the Caribbean with beautiful beaches. This bill is an embarrassment for the government of Mr. Fortuño

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