Monday, May 25, 2009

An unelectric, quiet Memorial Day

The electric has been off here now going on the third day. I've heard some part of the line blew underwater somewhere around Vieques. And with our generators being what they are, the island is lit in thirds on a rolling schedule...something like six hours each from one end to the other. Of course depending on where you are and what you are doing, it can be a not so big deal or it can mean you have to close your business if you don't have your own gennie. I don't have that issue at the cart, luckily, but I do miss the fans at home when the air is still and heavy and you want to sleep but the drone of mosquitos is as loud as a plane landing and the air feels like water in your nose.

This morning the sky actually had some blue in it, pale blue, and the humid weight was lifted in a good breeze. Until it came back this afternoon. But oh joy for a few hours, it was, dare I say it, a normal day in May?

These photos are of the canal. Usually during this holiday the walls are LINED with boats, rafted together two and three deep, making a mess of trying to get through. But things are quiet this year, so I guess these folks just had to raft up across the entire canal just to celebrate the holiday. It's times like these I really miss Tuck! Climbing up the ladder to the top bridge, making quite sure that inconsiderate boaters know how he feels. It was the police this time, stopped in the middle of the bridge and putting their siren on for a brief tweet...

And not even the Little Penis guy was around this weekend! That's when you know things are slow, when there is no throaty rumble of massive engines throbbing under 2 guys and 10 bikini'd girls in a Cigarette look sort of almost alike style boat.

Happy sounds from kids playing basketball next door, people on boats laughing, someone playing congas somewhere around...and now that I've cooled down, a cool glass of white wine, a book, the hammock and a pillow are calling my name. I must answer.

Sue & Tuck's Frangipani looking good!
Hope your Memorial Day has and is being a good one.

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