Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Wedding(s) Day in June

Today is wedding day! Playa Flamenco wedding day at that, as all three weddings will be there. I mentioned that yesterday, but a phone call later on added to the story a bit.

Me: Hello?

Caller: Do we have to chase you all over the island?

Me: (figuring from the "we" that this was no lovelorn swain, that, in fact, it must be...) Jimmy! Hey, what are you all doing here?

Jimmy, of
Coqui Fire Hot Sauce: We're here to cater a wedding, been here since Thursday, when can we find you?

Me:'re on Culebra to cater a wedding from Vieques?

Jimmy: Yeah. There is a wedding planner from Vieques who also puts on weddings here and the couple wanted to get married on Culebra. They know us from
the restaurant, so, here we are. We've been cooking meals for them and cocktail hours, and the wedding on Saturday; great people.

Me: That's fantastic! Well, I'll be at a wedding and then a reception, and you'll be busy too...looks like, let's count on Sunday?

Jimmy: Sounds good! See you then.

Me, after hanging up: (knowing I'll be eating great food myself) Can you bring any leftovers? Mexican food, cooked by you and Patty? *sob*

Once again, the power of small comes into being. How many places can you live where three weddings on the same weekend is 1) a big deal 2) you know two of the wedding people and 3) you know the caterer from another island for the third one? I always say the islands are just a big neighborhood - meet one new person and they are connected to five people you know already. I like it! But, I guess you know that already.

One day shy of full moon

Is it the full moon we will have tonight, this plethora of nuptials? Did these couples plan their weddings this way, or was it just happenstance? Will the power of La Luna have an effect on the events, or even the marriages? While I'm not a certified heebee jeebee hoo doo voodoo sort, I do believe in the power of the moon and in certain consequences from actions in our lives that go beyond reasonable logic.

No matter. But if you find yourselves feeling a little more romantically inclined tonight, look up to the Belle of the Sky for the reason.


  1. my only question. did he bring hot sauce?

  2. You are not the first to ask, but since they had to bring 3 trucks full of things like all foods, convection ovens (3 of them), table settings, plates etc...he's off the hook big time!
    Plus, I laughed a lot, and felt like a tourist on my own island, enjoyed it immensely. So we're ALL sorts of even. And yes, we talked about you, the whole reason we hooked up as friends in the first place, Ms. Hot Sauce Mama. Love from Vieques!