Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy birthday, dear Michelle

If I stand on a hill, I'm taller, 'cause I'm the MOM!

I'm going to pretend I'm posting this tomorrow, the 15th of June, to celebrate my daughter Michelle's birthday. Because it might take me a day or more to wrap my mind around the reality of having a daughter so much older than me. Of course, she's BEEN older than me for five years now, but it still isn't easy, even though her younger sister is catching up fast to being that much older than me, and her brother seems to be making mile stones like leapfrog in their wake... I've read about this, I've heard it, but to experience it for very, very strange. Luckily, it's also wonderful, since, as my children get older, they continue to delight me more. Good thing since the dribble bib may be needed any time and TAG, kiddos, you're IT!

Happy birthday dear Michelle, happy birthday dear Melior Blue.

Last year in the NC woods...wondering who is in my brother's mailbox


  1. Beautiful kid. Like a Benjamin Button story, only different. Happy Birthday!

  2. Naturally I had to look up the Benjamin Button reference (now I must get the movie from Netflix later), Yes, it's like that but different...but not. I was absolutely born old, and shall be a giggling, babbling baby (I'm practicing now) before it's all said and done...thank god for built in babysitters.

    MJ, trying to wait a little longer before waking up the birthday children just LOVE being woken at dawn on their birthdays...

  3. should i mention that even standing on a hill you're not taller than Michelle? :) beautiful girl, and beautiful mom....

  4. Oh sure, mention it...sheesh! &'s only because my head is sort of tilted, really.