Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jack and Pat ~ current times and some old days memories

As people are thinking of Jack and Pat, calling, emailing and having time while there is still time, I've been getting some nice photos and memories in my own email. Here are some photos from Pam and Chuck from Jack's 70th birthday, along with some excerpts of an email from Sandy of Serge and Sandy. The FIRST cart (or wagon, as she calls it) woman (not unlike Eve, good lord, the woman is stunningly beautiful, I've seen the pics)! Though I arrived on Culebra after they moved to Thailand, we have the cart connection (she was the Barefoot Contessa #1 - now she's just a wagon-less Contessa). We've gotten to know each other a bit via emails and she sent along some present and past thoughts that made me smile. I hope they do the same for you.

"Hi MJ: Sandy here, thanks for all the news you are supplying and info. We got in touch with Pat finally and had over a 30 minute conversation with the two of them. Bless their hearts! As usual, they are making the most of what they have. She had gotten him a wheelchair and found a tavern where she pushes him daily so they can have some fun. Pat was very excited about some new theory related to "passing" and it has provided the perfect path for her at this time it seems. She was very enthusiastic as always about her healing abilities and life in general and I believe that is good for Jack. He would not get a chance to feel down and out with her there. He sounded so incredibly weak and sweet...

"...We had a Jimmy Buffet concert on their behalf immediately following a tearfully ending conversation, Serge filled the air with Mother Mother Ocean and we were back on the boat for the entire album at least and filled with loving memories of the sea and our Karma and of course, about 8 years living next to Pat and Jack. Through so many hurricanes we blasted our music, baked bread, ate Pat's famous lasagne and saved our little boats from harm out in the mangroves, while dancing and singing and loving our lives. In our lives before the boat I most likely would have never come to know them. But, I cannot help remembering that wonderful peaceful feeling, falling asleep at Dakity in the anchorage or over in the duckpond, rocking so gently at anchor, with Pat and Jack right beside us, or coming back to the boat after a hard day as the Contessa and having her shout out to join them for dinner."

"I can see Meeka Jane (our German Shephard) now, how he would stand at our stern and lean as forward as he could to sniff out Pat's cooking. We all managed to keep things pretty simple back then and basic and those years are filled with lovely memories like these. It was very hard to say goodbye to Culebra for me. Serge has always been real good at moving onward, but I am a sap. I miss all those Culebra guys and I love seeing my little wagon has become so much a part of Culebra and how it has passed between women so beautifully and continues on it's way.
Last night we had another ceremony complete with Rum and Coke for Pat and Jack on our balcony in the swaying bamboo, pouring rain and Amy Winehouse in the background, we toasted three times TO JACK - TO PEACE AND LOVE, AND GENTLE CHANGES, TO PAT AND NEW BEGINNINGS, AND TO OUR MEMORIES OF TIMES SHARED WITH THEM - LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL - Sandra Seymour

So to all of you who might want to give Jack and Pat a call, do it! As Pat's number is public knowledge (her Tanama number), I'm posting it here for those who don't have it easily at hand. 787 501 0011. I know they are missing Culebra, which means missing friends as well as place. Sooner than later would be a good time to call! Virginia Beach is EST, just in case you live in Europe or Asia or California (its own zone) and don't want to call in the middle of the night!

Lots of us who know Culebra now have heard so many wonderful stories of how it was *then*. I often feel the connection and am so glad I know people still here from those old days. Culebra magic still has strong power, but like every island I've ever lived on, that refrain echos..."You should have been here then, MJ". I wish I had been, even as I'm so glad to be here now.

Here is another photo of the past and the beautifully right here, right now. Kathy and her granddaughter Dyami. Does Culebra past and present have some gorgeous women or what?


  1. oh. double oh. Words. Sandy. Serge. Meeka. Pat. Jack. Karma. tears. smiles. more tears. beginnings. changes. loved ones. bamboo. rain on tin roofs. laughing. friends. simple. life. more tears. more smiles. memories. blessings.

    full circles....Dyami. beautiful women. great men.

    love. and more love. dreams. wishes. more smiles. more tears.

    call Pat and Jack. I did a couple of weeks ago. yes, tears, but also lots of laughs and love. share the love. share the memories. share life.

  2. Oh triple oh, glad you felt it all and thanks for the spelling!