Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm not alone

Brief update.: I had to re-do and am now reloading (which takes hours on my computer - unless Lewis knows a trick?) as there was one squinch of too bigness. When you see me next, don't mention the baldness of my torn out hair head, it's not polite.

detail of: Fish with Sail - Jacques Resch
(I'm usually not a huge fan of surrealism, but this artist captured my imagination and respect)

Today Walt, my fellow photog at the wedding, came and sat with me at the cart to commiserate about how much we don't know about doing slideshows with hundreds of photos. Argh! He's working on burning a DVD with our photos combined, sort of what those at the wedding saw when he dumped them onto the screen almost as soon as we were taking them. I'm working with only mine and trying to put music to it, and making myself a wee bit crazier in the process. Walt would most likely question the degree of that statement...hmm, maybe not just Walt.

But, as a very wise writing professor of mine once said to me, "At some point you just have to put it down and say, it's DONE." We both knew that didn't mean it was really necessarily done, but it was what it was for then and time to wash hands and move to something (ANYthing) else for a spell. That means whatever is downloading right now, wedding video what it is. Well, except that last part where either someone else was using my camera or someone else was using my brain and hands. Crotch shots and sideways stuff isn't really my MO. Usually. Yes, NOW you're These ain'tcher Grannie's home movies, buckeroo.

Soon come.

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  1. Hmmm, reminds me of he time I was working a catering job. End of the night and there were an awful lot of those throw-away cameras around so...seems the bride and groom ended up with many pictures of their catering staff!