Friday, June 26, 2009

Morning beauty

It is already looking like another warm day, making the coolness and shade of my yard even more difficult to leave than usual.

Container herb garden

The last orchid?

Cross-my-fingers papayas

Jungle cat

New papayas

What's in that...Friday will be coming along later today.


  1. Thanks for the "lush" photos. It is very lush here in Vermont right now,but that doesn't keep me from missing Culebra. My plumeria is on its last bloom until next year, which has connected me (sort of) to the beauty you enjoy daily. Damn this economy which might keep me at home again this winter. I will live vicariously (as I've mentioned before) through your wonderful blog!

  2. Ah June, you know just how to make my day when I need it! Thank you.

    Vermont is beautiful country - at least the parts I've seen. If you could capture the warm days and hold them all year...nah, I'd still live here!