Friday, June 12, 2009

More words I didn't know

and I bet you didn't know them either...well, every single one of them. This list is taken from a blog of...well, lists. Yes, occasionally, in my summer social whirl of a life here on Culebra, the only respite is to read lists, just to calm down, you see. The challenge is to use at least five of them, casually, in a conversation this weekend. In a bar, at your country club, to your beloved.
Just don't trip while wamfling, or decide that standing in front of a church is the place to act like a coprolalomaniac, because it is not. And whispering descriptively in your beloved's ear, of either gender, that more than four letter word sesamoid is not going to score you any points.

25. Girn – To bare your teeth in anger and sadness

24. Yerd – To beat with a stick.

23. Dendrofilous – Loving trees enough to live in them.

22. Wamfle – To walk around with flapping clothes.

21. Ribazuba – Ivory from a walrus.

20. Franch – To eat greedily.

19. Nazzard – A lowly or weak person.

18. Cachinnate – To laugh noisily.

17. Sesamoid – Having the size and shape of a sesame seed.

16. Yerk – To tie with a jerk.

15. Mullion – A vertical dividing piece between window lights or panels.

14. Labrose – Thick-lipped

13. Misodoctakleidist – Someone who dislikes practicing the piano.

12. Hesternal – Having to do with yesterday.

11. Crurophilous – Liking legs.

10. Glabella – The space on your forehead between your eyebrows.

9. Fample – To feed a child.

8. Coprolalomaniac – Someone who compulsively uses foul language.

7. Onychotillomaniac – Someone who constantly picks his or her nails.

6. Glossolalia – Gibberish; babble

5. Gash-gabbit – Having a protruding chin.

4. Sneckdraw – A sneaky or mean person.

3. Hircine – Something that smells like a goat.

2. Wallydrag – A completely useless person.

1. Onygophagist – A person who bites his or her nails.

I have to confess, after a week of failure video posting wise, I'm feeling quite the wallydrag. Maybe there is still hope. I have no idea...but I've not given up yet. Here is my favorite photo from the whole few hundred I took though, just to prove there really are photos.

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