Friday, June 19, 2009

Neighborhood news

I'm of the belief that the islands we live on, scattered around the Caribbean and the world, are merely a big neighborhood. I used to say, when I lived on St. Croix, that if I sneezed on St. Croix, I'd have pneumonia by the time the news got to Jost. The internet is amazing, but the coconut telegraph was first...and if the satellites fall out of the sky, we'll still be hearing the drums.

We have two (plus their well-loved other halves) friends and neighbors who are giving us pause to ask about and care about. One is Jack LaRoque of Jack and Pat, Muff, Tanama, etc. Jack is in Virginia Beach with his family, awaiting the Big Move to the Other Shore. Pat is with him. After getting out of the hospital, he & Pat will be staying at his daughter's house. If you want to send a card or email, just ask and I'll be glad to send it along.

I'm pretty sure Jack must be in the Witness Protection Program because out of all the photos I have of him, I still can't find ONE where he's looking at the camera. There are lots like this!

Sean Meacham, our other 'neighbor' is heading to Seattle today with Nancy, for the work up to a stem cell transplant, a very involved process. Let's hope Sean gets a room with a view of the water! Nancy has set up a Care Page (if you are not familiar with this wonderful web site, check it out, whether you know Sean or not, it performs an amazing service for those with friends and family members with long term illnesses to keep friends and loved ones in touch with what is going on and is available free for those meeting the criteria). To keep up with what's going on with Sean and Nancy, check .

Wednesday night Sean and Nancy went to a baseball game way up there in the Far North along with about 35 accompanying friends and family. Among them were Sue and Tuck, Harold and Laurie Knowlton, with her beau Phil. Somewhere in the fifth inning (and then again a few more times), the scoreboard flashed this message that was arranged beforehand (and it actually happened! I wanted to salute the flag). Laurie was nice enough to call about then so I could be there a little bit. And with a few of Laurie's photos, the circle grows. Thanks so much, Laurie!! I'm not sure who took the photo of the scoreboard that Sean sent, but thanks, you, too!

Harold & Sean

Friends and family - see some familiar faces?

What Sea Dogs? We're all about Sean!

Sean's reaction to the scoreboard sign


  1. ok, now i'm a puddle.

  2. just spoke to Jack (and Pat) them. love's a rough road...but as Jack said, he's had a great wonderful life filled with lots of friends and love....

  3. Uh's getting close to moldy around here. Fun update though...Ann talked to Pat today and they were both (Pat and Jack!) laughing and having a great time driving around, so dry your eyes unless you're laughing tears...which is as good and better than the other kind.