Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, dear me!

It's good to be alive! An excellent *won't need to water the lawn* rain and a telephone birthday song from Linda to start the well as an escape from too many leftovers from yesterday's water day.

Soon off to see if the flamingo is still hanging around, a beach walk, and on with whatever the day brings, which ends up being the best way to celebrate birthdays these years, and living here. The *what happens next?!* approach to joy works. My whole mission is to find some good driftwood for my seed wind mobiles...and remember where I put them for tomorrow.

These are from an very beautiful summer solstice day...

A tiny crab embedded in a barnacle (yes, he was put back!)

Nope, not Greg, that's Walt a sailin' the bay

Dinghy to dinghy

Dinghy women at sea

The last of a beautiful sunset off the waterfront

A bevy of beauties at Heather's

Happy birthday to me!


The Luckiest Woman in the World


  1. Sending you warm wishes for a wonderful birthday. You're right – it's great to be alive!

  2. I love the picture of you and Karen - the very picture of fun! Happy birthday dearie!

  3. *smiling* for you. HB/FC to you!

  4. you're still missing your birthday present...

  5. Thanks, June! Me too, Debbie, and fun it was! Thanks, Doug and back atcha!

    Laurie, I am?? I thought I'd been given almost everything in the world anyone could ask for!