Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Do you see what I see?

Maybe I'm not getting out enough...but do you notice anything interesting in either of these photos? I was struck by the sunset while sitting inside and just went to grab a couple shots of that. On uploading them, among others...these two seemed...a little more than your ordinary sunset. But you tell me (and I promise, all I did as far as iphoto stuff was to sharpen the photo).


  1. no, no! i see something or someone talking or spewing or something! the gods of the sky are playing, i see mouths and rays! youre not crazy

  2. hmm, not what I saw, but very interesting...definitely some playing going on.

  3. Hey mj,
    I see the heavens looking down upon you! I think it's Juno, it is her month after all, and it almost looks like she's crying tears of fire!
    her husband must be trying her patience again!

  4. Wow, April! I like that 'tears of fire'! Yes...Juno! This is my birth month and I'm always about summer solstice - will have to check on more Juno info, thanks.