Friday, June 5, 2009

What's in that ...Friday

A quickie here, hope you're ready! This has been an interesting day. We have three weddings on the island, two involve people I know, with both of those weddings tomorrow, hours apart, on Flamenco beach. Last night there was a bachelor/bachelorette party, with the meeting of both participants midway on the bridge, with the women going one way and the men another. I didn't attend, but I did see the results leftover this morning. And heard that, for the women at least, a good time was had by all.

As I sat at the cart, a long, long line of children and adults paraded by. I asked Jo Ann from Dinghy Dock what was going on, as she walked part of the way down the street toward Susie's with them. She told me it was Summer Camp, sponsored by the Ecological School. The children get breakfast and lunch, the camp runs from 8 to 2 and this was one of their trips to the beach. All free. Very, very cool. Here is Waleska, school principal, herding some of her flock. I was told there were probably 75 children, small to tall, participating. Fabulous stuff there and big congratulations on a great program!

As to what's in that recipe. I'm still addicted to the tilapia! I bought 4 large filets today, averaging about one dollar a filet. They only took minutes to thaw in a pre-heated mix of olive oil, garlic, racao, lime juice, salt and pepper. I thought about sauteeing onions but I was hungry and wanted this NOW. In less than 20 minutes I was eating fish and salad, in a meal that averaged out at a cost of approximately 3 bucks. Well, there was the glass of wine; make that 4 dollars.

This was partially attacked before remembering to take the photo...darn cat!

I've read good things about the protest on the big island. The cargo ferries ran all day, carrying passengers as well as cargo; they are still running, so people are getting where they need to go. At least that's all I've heard so far.

Tomorrow will be Taz and Ann's wedding at the beach. I'll only be going to their wedding, sending good wishes for the others. That means I'll either post early in the morning about nothing to do with weddings, or late tomorrow, or Sunday. On that note, have a wonderful Friday evening! Full moon is tomorrow, but I think it's already casting its pull......


  1. Best wishes to Taz and Ann! I'm still annoyed that they wouldn't plan THIER special day around OUR schedule. :-) We're off to Bonaire tomorrow for a week with 14 of our closest scuba friends from the ATL. See you on the flip side.

  2. I'll pass along the wishes...I'm thinking they planned it around the full moon!

    Have a wonderful time in Bonaire! That's an island I've long wanted to visit...above the water. One of these days...