Tuesday, June 2, 2009

(to the tune of) What's going on?

As others have said, as all of us knew already...we had a sort of victory the other day, a moment in time. But, don't push me! I like to sort of roll around in them like a mud bath. Lovely silky moment and then, well, enough is enough.

Here is a brief and very bad synopsis of the moment. Victor Gonzalas is up to bad tricks at the mullecito. Go there and see what I mean. Want the flamingo to stay? Do something. At the very least GO there if you are on island. Get mad. Get active.

The victory has its black side, of course. Write, call, go make an appointment with the mayor if you can and ask what exactly the victory meant, in regard to the Zoni project (new road bulldozed out there behind the dunes...real nice), the Terruno project, Victor Gonzalas, the mayor's true position on development. I'm not insinuating anyting, but I am saying...all is not la la loverly.

And it's 1, 2, 3, what are we fighting for?

Here's what...and you know I can easily post a few hundred more.

But I'm not going to. Instead I'm going to post something way cool that Al brought by the cart for me to look at (ok, I waylaid him off the bridge and he came over, carrying a box that was pretty battered). Inside his flat rate box was an awesome fossil that he & Mary found while they were back in Texas. We set it up so I could get a shot of it. I think it would look very cool on the cart and Al agreed...and then he took it home. Boy, some people are SO selfish!!!

It's hard (for me) to get the nuances of ripples,
plus there are oyster shells and much more in there...very wonder full

The sea almonds are going...well, nuts!

as are the papayas - finally they are growing too fast for the critters to eat them in the bloom

Sometimes my yard is just heartbreakingly beautiful...okay, a lot of times

This is for anyone who can identify this tree and blossom...and for my brother, to let him know that that flower wasn't red...it was DEAD! Oopsy, I hate it when that happens!

So, onward we go, in the joy and the beauty and the fight to keep them from clear and present danger. But in the MEANTIME...Susie's opens tomorrow night for a new season. The air is cool and the sky is blue and the breeze is up enough that I got fairly soaked on one side coming home this afternoon in the dinghy. But it was warm and beautiful and that is why god made showers.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. How come they can't throw Victor off the island, like Survivor?

    Anyway, I've not had a meal from Susie's new place, yet. Really looking forward to it.

  2. Well, Doug, once upon a time...oh, never mind.

    See you at Susie's when you get here!

  3. The Bright purple-leafed plant looks like Bouganvillia, its a spiky plant that fathers use to punish their sons by making them "Trim it back" resulting in many bloody scratches, thorn tips imbedded in hands and arms, and massive loss of blood, but I dont know where the GREEN leaves went on yours

  4. Correct identification. Wrong plant to identify. Leaves are scarce on the bougies, but with that color? Who cares?

    Yes, but after son trim torture, said fathers usually have a good meal waiting...Jewish work ethic