Monday, June 1, 2009

Yesterday was a very good day for Culebra. The fast track permit issue has been resolved in Culebra's favor! The short version seems to be pretty short. The mayor met with representatives over a breakfast and then went for a drive around to the various projects so that they could see what was really being protested here. Of course there was much more than this going on behind the outward scenes, as is always the case. Whisper buzz buzz. It's a big pie, there's plenty of credit for everyone.

A group of the usual suspects had met up at the multi use building and, after a bit of Culebra confusion, realized we needed to be at the bridge. We caught up with their group in the nick of time, posters, banners and chants rushed into place. As the SUV came toward us, we pretty much did that bigger-than-the-sum-of-its-parts gestalt thing and peacefully surrounded the vehicle. The mayor, who was driving, stopped and got out of the car and started talking. In Spanish of course, but even I could tell this was going to be good news. Basically (and this only lasted a few minutes with bare details so...we'll know more today I'm sure), nothing is going to change as to the permits laws or ACDEC and we stand even more protected - in theory - because of the limb the mayor climbed out on when he took this stand.

Taken a bit aback, with no need for doing anything but shaking hands, getting a bit of feelings out to a couple of the very open representatives, expressing thanks amid some cheers, we all went on to what we were doing or what we were going to do. For me that meant re-opening the cart and getting an icy cervasa, both of which I rarely do (don't laugh, I don't even like beer but it was hot and it seemed like the thing to do...luckily the first few sips were it, and a friend came by and enjoyed the rest of it while we chatted - oh, and true, I don't usually re-open in the afternoon). It was over so quickly, and so positively, it didn't quite seem real...

As I was heading home in the dinghy my emergency phone rang with an emergency houseboat call for ice. I could do that! Home, store, return to the water, which turned out to be a perfect temperature for swimming. Topped off by an outrageous sunset as the moon rose...what better way to end the month?

Today I start working at Susie's in the afternoons, playing with food, so I can't say how the blogging will go while I adjust to working whole days at a time. The shock might be massive. Stay tuned for the rest of June.

music by Carla Sciaky


  1. Keep up the hard work!
    and good luck!

  2. Hooray on the permit front. I was very concerned. Okay, MJ, I totally understand the working situation, and don't want to pressure you, but hope you will from time to time let us know what is going on in Culebra - the place I go to when I shut my eyes!!

  3. Thanks. I know living on STM you've got the same fights, so unfortunately, you get it.

  4. No worries, June. It was a fun day...even more fun to have to go to Milka's in my head scarf (what I wear when I'm baking or making hot sauce and usually invisible) to pick up some baking powder! I'm thinking I need an apron, quick. Yes, to cover my head, just like in the 50's. No...I forgot how fast you can trash clothes (ok, I can trash clothes) working in a restaurant kitchen.
    Anyway, I feel tired - but the very, very good tired and will be posting as per usual...I think!

  5. Keep fighting the good fight!

    Your slide show is awesome - looks like a real fun day!

    Don't play with your food!

  6. Ah, but my motto is DO play with your food. But, not to worry, this *work* isn't about my food, I listen to the chef and will be quite proper, promise (I won't be playing with YOUR food!)

    Thanks on the slide show! Glad you got the vibe.

  7. Not to be the grinch, but I think we all know that the crisis is over until the next one finds a toe-hold. Thanks to all who stood firm in this scary campaign. Stay resolved.

    MJ, what a natural course for someone whose love for cooking and playing I get to read about on Fridays. I hope getting paid doesn't lessen the joy.

  8. there is something about seeing the view reflected in your sunglasses that makes me miss you....alot.

    thanks for the report...

  9. I knew you'd get that...I miss you too, chica. My sunglasses, with the reflection, are in the mail.

  10. Yes, Doug...the commercialization, the monetizing of cooking purity, of my personal joy...SOB...with MORE joy!
    I've always said, there's nothing like getting paid to have fun...I've done that for many years now - writing, sailing, cooking, retailing - and Susie just lets me do it some more! I told her today, hey, I'm getting paid to learn a whole new culture of cooking, how lucky am I?? Again?
    And her two baby chefs (that's how I think of them) are just the best. It's going to be a very fun summer.