Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rain Day

Since this morning looks to be a rain event, I'm taking the morning off to make hot sauce. Of course, writing that will make all of the rain disappear... but it's cool and breezy. Right now it's around 76 degrees F and last year on this date it was 82 already. Which reminds me, I'm not going to be using the phrase global warming anymore. I think it's too confusing when people think the only thing going on is the world heating up when 'the coldest winter' happens somewhere breaking all sorts of records. So I've been using 'global climate change' or words to that effect instead, which, as far as I'm concerned, more accurately reflects what we're doing to the planet. So there!

The rain came just in time to give a good soaking to my newly planted sugar cane. Leave it to my brother to ste...acquire some cane up in Florida and send it to me after we had a conversation about it, laced with memories of our Dad bringing it home for us as a treat. We weren't allowed to chew gum - for which I give thanks on a regular basis when I watch people chew gum - but we could, once in awhile, chew on 'cane.

I had to steal this photo - I thought I'd taken pics of the four pieces I had, but nope!
They looked like these - but shorter, and only four of them. Ok, sort of like these...

After looking up on line how to plant it (just like yuca, you cut it in sections, leaving a couple of the rings, and lay it horizontally in the ground) I got the bed ready; that means watering the ground enough to use the pronged fork like tool to dig out rocks amid bits of dirt, then plant, then put real bought dirt on top. In this part of the garden, I'm using bird screening to keep the damn wild chickens out, who seem to be on a frenzy lately of digging / scratching up anything not guarded by something. Of course, when I have my OWN chickens, they will be much more polite. Right?

Of course, the sun is now blasting heat and shimmer off the water (this time of year the sun comes up directly in front of my main window, which means I'm pretty much typing blind here (oh, I could close the window? I don't THINK so!) so I'll leave you to your day and I'll get on with some hot sauce! Then off to Susie's, to do the last bit of prep before she re-opens tonight for Season Dos.

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