Friday, June 19, 2009

A kindness and an invitation

Bill Kunke was kind enough to send along this wonderful photo of Jack and Pat, so we could have a full face view! Anyone else is welcome to send along from their collection to share. Ann K told me she had a great conversation with Pat at the same time I got an email of a hard, sad but good conversation with Jack. And that's how it is to leave someone we love. Laughter and tears, memories, all of our lives in the great play we are in on this stage. Stories are good. Even if they make us cry while we're laughing. Send 'em along to me to share or to Pat and Jack to enjoy right now, via his daughter's email address (see previous post). Who among us doesn't like to hear a funny story about ourselves? Now is the time. Thanks so much to Bill for this photo!


  1. Ain't the same without the palm frond bimini. I needed another Muff lecture...

  2. That's what memories and good conversations are for...aren't we lucky to have them?