Monday, February 14, 2011

Animal Welfare of Culebra auction and the Staatskapelle-Berlin sextet

Saturday was the Animal Welfare of Culebra auction as well as the wonderful concert by the Staatskapelle-Berlin sextet. There was an excellent turnout for both, as many with heavy hearts sought to lighten them. Staying busy really is good medicine, as is being with others one loves, who understand the low times of life when mainly, no words are needed but a few and hugs speak volumes. There was a lot of hugging going on amidst auction items called and music flow.

Sometimes, 'only on Culebra' has the most exquisite meaning...

Lots of fabulous food, as always (brie! we had brie!)

Carol and Joyce, sampling the goods

Great turn out for the  hard working AWC folk and critters

Helena (our future vet) and Sue, with Mary hawking t's

Just a few of the items on offer

How we hold auctions, Culebra style

And now, for the musical portion of the program...a snippet of what we enjoyed Saturday evening.

Another great turn out of animal lovers turned music lovers

Out of tuxes, into Tevas, they played for us, Culebra style

Oops, how did this boy and bunny get in here? They were on the ferry dock and who could resist such cuteness? Not me.

Have a major Monday! Do something meaningful.

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