Saturday, February 19, 2011

This political statement is brought to you by Reality!
As a backdrop to this article...folks should be aware if they don't already know that our current Governor and related administration is busy changing laws - including those that protect public manifestations or protests.  They have been busy eviscerating environmental oversight in the planning process.

After only a year the US press apparently finally realized Puerto Rico exists and covered what have been dramatic and brutal UPR student - police clashes.  These have been taking place not just at the University - but at the capital and down nearby streets with tear gas impacting St Mary's grade school students and even legislators. The special tactical forces branch of the police actually have been captured on video now posted on youtube escalating confrontations - contrary to what one hopes would reflect some type of advanced professional training to manage and de-escalate these situations -
In other words they are all over youtube in full body armor and beating the heck out of the students. 

Hey where are we....Wisconsin? [link by MJ]
Local environmentalists...see our is the time to purchase your bulldozer / rubber bullet proof can order online from LL BEAN-ING
On the bright side even the tactical branch of the police launched tear gas into crowds while wearing no protective gear  - the kids just kicked the canisters back and they impacted the police.   Something us old ladies planning to manifest should keep in mind.  This means no flip- flops or girly sandals because those cans are hot - ouch! thanks to community ferry protests we learned that it takes a little over an hour for the special tactical police forces to make it to Culebra...

I just hope we can hold out for the year it apparently takes to get any meaningful press from the States...

Thank God for youtube.

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