Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why there is no post today

I am really out of touch with time and dates this year. Partly because I spent so long in the states, partly because I sort of checked my brain at the gate when I got back. There seems to be not much of a respite of major events going on for such a laid back place and I'm not at my best with multitudinous situations calling for attention. As they seem to do these days. So...I'm stepping off the bus. For a day anyway.

This morning (it's really not this morning, it's tonight, but by the time you are sitting over your coffee/tea/yerba mate reading this, it will probably be today) I'm getting on the ferry to escort a few dogs over to the big island for AWC (Animal Welfare of Culebra). One to be adopted, moving on and away, two heading to the vet. I've never done this before, so it should be interesting. And while I wish I could say I'm one of those altruistic good people who would do all sorts of life stretching things for dogs and cats, I'm not. Really.

The real motivator is that I hate to go shopping on the big island. Ok, I hate to go shopping most anywhere, unless it's an awesome 1) flea market 2) thrift shop - NOT Goodwill, which has become a Wal-Mart weird thing, at least where I saw them) 3) amazing grocery stores, my own personal version of the ultimate boutique.. Have you ever noticed that Fajardo includes none of the above? But...I need oars. I need shorts. I need shoes. I need...well, that's about all I need but I can't get them here, or at least, what I want here. I could get all of them in the mail, but there is that touch factor that I admit I long for if I must purchase something.  Of course, I may not find that there either. But the chances are better. We are nothing but frustratedly patient around here.

So, thanks, AWC, for getting me off my butt and on to the ferry, to at least go look. And if I get to see a whale, I'll REALLY be singing praise.

No doubt, as I enter Want World, I'll find something else I think I 'need' or that I just plain want. Which is one reason, yet another reason, I love Culebra. There is little here shouting, BUY ME!!! Well, except at the bars and restaurants. And the hardware stores. And maybe a gift shop or five. But that's different. No, really, it is.

All of this to say, no blog post with 'what I saw in the world' photos today. Because I should have been out in the world taking photos, but instead I just went to the cart, where I got to see people who it seems, just got here! but are leaving tomorrow; how did that happen??? and then I came home. Well, almost...only on Culebra do you go in a store to buy something and the store owner fixes you lunch so you don't 'walk home hungry'. Or, run into the woman who borrowed your muffin tins, who finds you in a store, drives you to her house to pick up said tins and then drives you home Sure, see if that happens in your 'hood. I hope so!

How did I ever get so lucky? I'm so in love. With Culebra. Again. Even with the ferries screwed up and the gas line long and a few other less that ideal goings-on. Yes, yes, I know. But, as with a human lover, you take the good with the bad, when the good so very much outweighs the bad. Until that shifts, I'm gonna stick.

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