Friday, February 4, 2011

Culebra Free Range Friday (a wide range indeed)

Ho hum, another breaktakingly beautiful work day
Today there should have been photos of the play Oliver! from last night. But, after a walk into town to actually go to the play, I realized I was really tired- maybe it was the work, but I think it was the lovely swim at Tamarindo...something about a salt water swim is so relaxing that I just want to crawl in bed and sleep, cool and clean and zzzzzzzzz. So, I knew I would enjoy it more tonight after an early bed time and that's what I did.That's the plan, anyway.
So instead, you get photos of my yard and parts of my walk to town!

What a difference some weed whacking makes! Thanks, Walt, excellent job!
This hen was quite worried I was going to disturb her new babies. 
One of the big hummers
Yes, big! And beautiful.
On the way to town I noticed this plane landing. Well, actually I noticed its landing lights first, coming through the pass. So I did something I've wanted to do ever since I moved here and took photos of the landing from the end of the runway. Those landings still are very cool for me to watch (or be in on; I like both!)

So if you've wondered what you look like when you fly into Culebra, now you know!

(Hey, MJ, when do we get to the food part??) Answer: Later.

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