Friday, February 11, 2011

Some reminders on yet another Free Range Friday (and Nutella too)

The other day a woman not from here was asking how those of us who lived here dealt with our...I'm not exactly sure how she rather indelicately phrased it, but our cultural needs. She got back a variety of answers, most along the lines of 'We've got about as much culture as we want; hey, we had a production of Oliver! just last week!'

Now we're into this week, and tomorrow is chock-o-block with events. There is the Animal Welfare Auction, for one thing. A really fun event for a great cause. If you've been, you know, but if you've missed it, you've wished you hadn't, so just don't! Original art, cool items from local businesses (ahem, *cough* LOTS of local businesses), restaurant gift certificates, who knows what else? You will, if you show up! There, is that enough of a slightly Marsha-esque push in the right direction?

Annual Animal Welfare of Culebra Auction
@ Mamacita's
Sat. Feb.12th   2:30 - 3:30- social and reviewing of items
3:30 - 5:30 Auction of local wares, crafts, art, gift certificates, services etc. etc.
It's a great afternoon of friends, food, &  fantastic buys to save our local critters
$5 participation donation

Then you have time to go home with all your goodies, have a bite to eat and come back out for the concert at the ferry dock. From The Culebra Calendar, this is what we have to look forward to: "As part of their presentation at the Festival Casals - six musicians from one of the oldest orchestras in Germany will give a concert on Saturday February 12 at 7:00 pm at the Plaza of the island municipality of Culebra." This promises to be a really special evening, and you can read lots more about the orchestra here.

Again, from The Culebra Calendar:

Yes, these look like our kind of musicians!
Why Culebra?
Because of their love of outdoors sports and contact with nature the musicians of the Staatskapelle-Berlin enjoy visits to El Yunque and kayak expeditions. They are expect to take advantage of some  free time again  as soon arriving on Sunday from Paris, .
"This is the third time they have gone to Culebra, they love it, " says Collado Schwarz, "it has made an impact on them and the concert even more so, because they never have had open-air classical music. The island has a theater but I thought it would be better that the public could enjoy the music in the square, and it was more accessible. We posted signs announcing and people are ecstatic. "

In the concert, the musicians have added jazz pieces to the classical repertoire.
"He who has never listened to Mozart will now understand. For us, this visit is very important because music is one of the most important expressions in this time and with it we can internationalize Puerto Rico. It is vital to expose students to other things  happening in the world, it is important for the people to exposed to a variety things, "concluded Collado Schwarz.

Ok, madame, is that enough culture for you?

I have to beg forgiveness that I let World Nutella Day slip by with no mention. There are a lot of things I let slip by with no mention, sometimes on purpose, sometimes the error of innocent omission is mine. But World Nutella Day? Well, it's important enough to make note of now because, really, is it ever too late to celebrate with Nutella? Plus, now you can mark your calendar for next year!

If you don't know what Nutella is (and sadly, I went most of my life not knowing, until I moved to St. Croix, where, ohhappyday! I found it), you have a whole new taste joy ahead. If you have enjoyed Nutella before, here is your excuse, your official, albeit late, excuse to go get some. Get a spoon. Get started.

(By the way, here's a little factoid from the LAWeekly Blog I thought interesting: Because although Ferraro will tell you that all jars taste the same, they do not. Italian-made Nutella, which you can find in the crowded aisles at Bay Cities in Santa Monica, tastes different from the jars manufactured in North America. German-made Nutella (Alpine Village Bakery in Torrance) also tastes different, as does the Polish-made spread (Avakian's Grocery in Glendale).)  There now, you can spoon up Nutella from around the world if you like.See how easy that is?

If this is yet not enough to get you started, if a spoon and a jar of Nutella aren't quite enough inspiration, if perhaps you are still debating the how and why of it, here are some helpful tips from the World Nutella Day page:

And now, finally, you are on your own. Chocolate. Hazelnuts. Spoon. You really do know what to do. Buen provecho!


  1. Wow, thanks for all the info! We will be arriving in two weeks (2/26) and I can not wait!!!!!!! Hope there is just as many fun events going on through March. (I'm trying to convince my men to relocate to a tropical island and so we search for just the right place), I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and you have really helped me get excited about our visit. We have gone to Vieques for 6 Februarys now and decided to mix it up this yr.
    You will see us coming, can't miss us! Three men and me! Me, I'm round, jiggly and happy, married to a smilin, fun lovin Puerto Rican Man, travelin with our best friend Tracy, and his tall skinny Russian Lovvvver!!! You will know us when you see us!!!!!! Look forward to meeting you!!!! Janet Cruz

  2. Janet, I can feel your energy from here... Imagine I'll feel it before you are half way across the bridge! Looking forward to meeting you and your man crew soon.