Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A bit of a Culebra rant: Second Verse Same as the First

While on a walk yesterday I came across this scene. Let's count the ways this is wrong.

Conchs  are WAY under legal size (9 inches is legal, these are less than half of that)

Mangroves destroyed and why do I think this dock might not be legal?

So what, you might think. It's just 'the way it is' to take baby conchs/whelks/lobster and destroy mangroves. And in many ways, that's probably true, because reporting it sure doesn't seem to do anything. I've tried. I'll try again.

I've watched this dock being built for literally years now...first a path through the bush and a few boards, up to what has now become a professional looking dock (including a quite large boat) and the mangroves destroyed to open the space. There is nothing good going on at this spot, I do know that. And nothing being done to stop it. What next? Maybe when they start building a house there, someone will do something. Maybe.


  1. Just plain wrong and sad.

  2. Yes, June. Very. More sadly, this is not just a Culebra issue, but a common issue on many islands around the world, where locals have harvested from the sea for generations and don't realize there can be an end point if conservative methods are ignored.