Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lola, Lucy and the beach ~ A Culebra Day

Lola and Lucy requested something chocolatey and raspberry (but I used cherries instead) and I gave them some very chocolatey cherry, very gooey, chewy and, as Lucy added, 'Mooey' brownies. I think they liked them.

Which made me very, very happy. After wiping chocolate crumbs off hands and faces (I flicked the bit off of Lola's nose), we went to the center of the bridge where an iguana was posing, just for them. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for sharing your girls with me!

Somehow, in the Culebra way of things, I was on my way to the Dive shop to give Walter my Kim CD and instead, delivered it to Rebecca and got called into Da Bar by Mike. A call I heeded. He and a long-term winter visitor (who, it turns out, is from Portland, Oregon and who I'll see next fall on his turf when I go to visit my daughter) and I sat chatting over a drink or two, when in walks a sweaty guy I've not seen for awhile...looking entirely more healthy than the last time he hit our shores. Must be love; after meeting his girlfriend, I understood that. While giving me a ride home, we ended up at Flamenco instead (the road just mysteriously went there), where we made a fair dent in the plastic cup supply. We took a good long beach walk in the beautiful late afternoon light. I think it was late afternoon...

There are some interesting things going on at Flamenco these days...I happen to love it (to enlarge photos, just click on them); with cairns at Tamarindo and flotsam art on Flamenco, I think our bohemian slip is showing...

(Thank you, Doug and Kristen, for giving me a wonderful afternoon and for bearing admirably my laughter and tears in such a beautiful place. Love, MJ)
I'm waiting on a late entry for Free Range Friday (nudge, nudge Sarah!) that I think you're going to really like! Otherwise, I'll have to send my daughter to the time out chair...

Have a serene Sunday. Let something serendipitous happen!


  1. Oh MJ Thanks for these pictures! I just can't wait to get there. We are in Western NY and woke up to 10 degrees this morning... Uhgggg.

    Next Sunday Morning, me and my guys will be waking up there!!! You give me hope....
    Can't wait to meet you!h
    Janet and her three men!

  2. Wow! It will be a lot warmer next Sunday for you all for sure! See you when.