Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Birds and Rum

Huh? Birds and RUM, you ask? Well, hey, eclecticism is my middle name (just so you know).

Yesterday I started out with bird hunting. No shooting involved except for some of the photographic sort. Turns out I've been blind most of my life as far as truly seeing what is around me. And I'm delighted to learn that because oh! the wonder! Amazing gazing, yes. Birds with black and white markings so soft looking it appears more fur than feathers. Birds with bright blue bills and deep rust wings. Birds with long stiletto like bills, stitching along the mud flats, finding who knows what (actually, somebody DOES know, but I can't say with accuracy exactly what). Birds that dive and dip and paddle like mad. Oh glory! Thanks, Bird guy1

Yes, I know. This isn't a bird.

These photos were the easy ones (note: this is sarcasm...hence the lack of good focus - photographing birds is something I love to do, but I have a LOT to learn about taking good photos in the field, so to speak). The hard ones? Didn't/couldn't get them except in my head, where they are sharp and bright and very much in focus. The more I look, the more I'll see and hopefully, the more I'll share. Schmazin'!

Later in the day, I went with Mary Ann of Coralations by her classroom at the new school. She's been mentioning this class to me for quite some time and there is some fascinating, exciting work/play going on there and in the field. These kids and scientists collaborating together will be what saves Culebra for the generations of locals and visitors to come, if political and personal financially motivated corruption can be kept farther at bay. No pun intended.

Finally, at the end of the day, I was reminded that I had made and laid plans to get together for dinner with two friends on island for a glorious three weeks while their friends shiveringly fight mounds of snow (they feel really bad about it too, I mean, really bad). So we did just that, up at Bahia Marina, where we sampled from fruits of the ocean and fields with seafood pasta and shrimp salad and a churrosco serving big enough for a small nation. Oh and fruits of the vine too. All delicious, and with wonderful company. Lucky me! Thanks, Aaron and Lynn...I'm so glad you are both in my world!

It wasn't really this dark but we were this happy!
photo credit: Anita
"Ahem...MJ...the rum?? What about the rum?" Well then! I got this in my email and while I am not a rum drinker (well unless it's that awesome sipping rum on the rare occasion), I seem to know a few folk who are and who might appreciate knowing about the Puerto Rico International Rum Festival - Taste of Rum 2011. Two full days of tastings, food and music (then you can get over to Culebra and mellow out on the beach...).

It happens March 19-20, so you've got plenty of time to figure out how to get there. Or you could just buy some good PR rum and wave a paper palm frond around your snowed in self, if need be. Yes, I know...there won't be snow in March, you say. I say...best make PR plans!

Today from 3-5 friends of Kim will be gathered at Dinghy Dock to celebrate her life among us.  If you knew Kim but can't be here, we know you are here in spirit. She most likely knows that even better.

Have a thankful Tuesday. Do something toughly tender.


  1. Part of booking transportation to/from Culebra is ensuring the 10-15 minutes you need to hit the duty-free at SJU for Barrilito 3 Star on the homeward leg. There's still a whisker less than 2 liters remaining under the bar. :-)

  2. Sheesh, from a birder yet! It's all about priorities, Doug!

  3. YOU try birding Missouri at -18 wind chill with no Barrilito. Next month'll be 1 year since I procurred my stash...that's a lot of Cruzan make-dos!

  4. I didn't mean YOU birding! Of course, you know I can't imagine living any place that gets that cold...