Saturday, February 5, 2011

Yesterday becomes Today...Again

So, that food thing...right! Yesterday sort of got away from me on that but, true to my stomach, I did follow yesterday's lead. Which was started by seeing Steve with this gorgeous BLT at Dinghy Dock. I was obviously drooling, because he offered me half of it, which was way over and beyond the boundaries of friendship and I declined. I knew he'd hate me later if I said yes. But the kitchen had just closed, so I was left with visions of BLT's dancing in my head.

I can fix this, I thought, and marched right to Milka's, where I somehow walked out with bacon, cheese (smoked bacon cheese, mind you - I was on an impulse driven roll. And...don't even ASK, I think it was only magically there, I didn't see another one, and I'm willing to bet Hector and Sandra never ordered it), grape tomatoes because the regular sized ones looked insipid at best and tasteless at worst, eggs and...milk.

I fully intended on making that sandwich before leaving for the play (more on the play 'later') but somehow, that didn't happen and I finally just got around to it today. For breakfast. Sort of.

And, it really WAS just going to be a BLT on toast. I'm not sure how it became a BLTC&E. But. It did. And I'm not ashamed. Ok, not real ashamed. Not too ashamed to eat it all up. Burp.

It started out innocently enough...cooked bacon and some nice lettuce 
(not quite in focus because apparently cooked bacon gives me the shakes)

And then...there was that bacon grease, and those beautiful eggs. 
They needed each other. I could tell.

The tomatoes were so cute and ripe and...oh look! 
I've gotten the cutting board dirty! Where's that cheese?
(thinking of that cheese also gave me the shakes)

In the meantime, the bread was toasting. So, why not throw the slices of 
cheese on there and get them all warm and melty? Great idea, MJ! 
Now, watch those 'maters sort of sink into that melty smoky bacony cheese ...

The egg gets gently slapped onto the tomoto and cheese side. The bacon and lettuce side is deftly flipped over onto all of that (in real life, I'd just pile it all on one side and top it with the second piece of toast) and take it outside in the yard to eat because I tend to wear especially messy food. Ok, even not so messy. Food likes to jump on me. It's not my fault.

I don't need to have lunch or dinner now. Or maybe ever again. Thanks for the inspiration, Steve; once again, I've gone too far!

Best advice? Use as meaty a bacon as you can find (this was Oscar Mayer naturally hickory smoked, and very meaty) from Milka's, and the cheese of your choice, if you must overindulge and add cheese, which I heartily recommend. Preferably something with some bite to time (oh dear lord, forgive me) I'd like to use a pepper cheese, if there is any on island...
Good grainy bread, a must! I don't think white bread could stand up to this behemoth (I wouldn't know because the only white bread I've eaten for many years is my post Christmas sandwich Ann would make for me, and that was a fine fine thing). 

Buen provecho! I'll post about the play soon. If you missed it, you missed a great time. I think most of Culebra was on that platform...

Have a sucklin.... succulent Saturday! Do something satiating with swine.


  1. Lord loves a BLT. Due to the horrible taste of hothouse tomatoes in these parts, I only indulge for that magical 5-6 week period of locally harvested 'maters known as BLT season. Indulge is precisely used in this case, because sometimes they are scarfed three times a day. Now that you've opened my mind to the egg & cheese idea (oh, to have those fresh eggs!) we'll be able to eliminate extraneous, non-BLT items from our diet for the entire period. Mmmmmmmmmm. Gonna try 'em with some Culebra Pique...

  2. Love it two times, it's goin' away!

    Gotta make some more Culebra Pique, now that you mention it, sold the last one of the new batch yesterday...thanks for the reminder!! And, thanks mucho mucho! to all of you (Mr. Doug included) who are buying my Hot Sauces and making them your own!

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  4. Hi, Renee! Sure, I'll sign up to help out, sounds like a cool project. And maybe some of my blog readers will too. The deal is, getting back to actually writing some letters, boys and girls. You remember letters, right? So that somewhere down the road, there will be something more than emails to look at...

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