Saturday, February 19, 2011


Friday sort of slipped away from me this week....why? Well one, I was having this amazing, delicious sleep and woke up with just time to get dressed and head to the cart before the morning wasn't morning anymore. Anyone who knows me half well will understand that sleeping late for me is a miracle, much to be savored - please feel free to celebrate by going to sleep immediately.

The other thing is, I've been poring over about 40,000 photographs, due to a wonderfully big order for some of my photos, plus looking for photos of Kim over the years, for our gathering on Tuesday.*. So inbetween wading through images and memories, there was no Free Range Friday except in my head.
*Side note: if you have photos (digital) and want them included in a slideshow Walter is putting together, please get them to him by today at the Dive shop on the ferry dock

Lucy and Lola are here!!! I was so excited to see them (and their parents, sure!) that I forgot to take a photo. But tomorrow they will come by for their Treat of the Day, a chocolate and berry confection (which there will be more than enough to share, so c'mon down) of their choosing. I don't think it's exactly what they had in mind - for one thing, it's not muffins because I keep forgetting to get my muffin pans back from a certain Birthday Boy's Mama, but it is chocolatey and berrilicious, so hopefully it will pass muster. If not, no doubt Lucy will let me know.

And last but far from least...the moon rise last night was spectacular, in many places. I got calls from down the street to Florida and closer islands, along with online comments from around the country about its beauty. Wowza!

Cresting the hill behind my casita
Still mellow yellow, in her glory


  1. I (and probably lots of people) would be grateful if you would put the Kim slideshow up on your blog after her birthday. 'Cause I haven't cried enough already. I so wish we could be there on Tuesday.

  2. I'll talk to will be many people's photos and I'd need permission. If nothing else, I'll put my own up, but I'll try, Deb. Wish everyone could be here that wants to be...