Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pre-game Super Bowl Sunday on Culebra 2011

I know, there's a football game today. A big one. And I'm quite proud of myself that I even know who is playing! I really don't know much at all about football, by choice and by upbringing. Or vice-versa. I think I watched my first Super Bowl at my sister's boyfriend's house in South Florida, when I was 15 or 16. And yes, there were televisions back then, really.
He had a big house and it was a big party. I helped my sister's friend make cold spinach soup (which turned out really well, and I've never been able to replicate it). The game was a good one, even I could tell that, and everyone ended up in his bedroom on this ginormous bed and all over the floor rather than watching it in the huge living room. I don't know why, maybe more comfy. I just know, that was my first Super Bowl, I remember all of it and it left a great impression on me - Super Bowl = PARTYtime. Thanks, Chuck Azar, where ever you are. No doubt, if you are still alive, you are having a huge party today, because that's just the sort of guy you were. And I hope, still are.

As I've mentioned, too many times, I hang out at Dinghy Dock for Super Bowl. And shall today. But I had this funny wonderful thing happen while I was at the cart so luckily I came home early, rather than starting early at DD.

Nay (Neil's daughter) came up to me at the cart and said, "MJ, there was just a call for you from someone who said there is a present for you at the airport. From Vieques." I thought, hmmm...what could it be? Maybe some Coqui Fire hot sauce from Jimmy? Did Sir Richard Branson answer my invite to Dinghy Dock for Super Bowl? What?

I worked a little longer and then, as Walt was on his way to Flamenco on an errand, asked for a ridealong, which he kindly gave to me. A ride to Flamenco is never a bad thing... On the way back we stopped at the airport and there waiting for me was a cooler.

This cooler
Ok, my last name doesn't have an 'e' on the end, but who cares?
With this message inside

And this is what was in the cooler. 
This deserved some actual food staging...shrimp, sausage, corn on the cob, potatoes...sheesh!
Which just goes to show, the Chuck Azar Spirit of Super Bowl still lives on in a ridiculously generous way. Thanks so much, Karen and Lee! Walt got the first shrimp for being so kind as to give me a ride...I got the next one...with some corn, and sausage and potato. There will be some other happy campers.

What wonderful, crazy Super Surprise! Touchdown!!! Next up, Dinghy Dock.


  1. Hope you enjoyed the Super Bowl. The color on my television is totally out of whack. Anything gold looks pink. Alotta pink out on that field!!!!

  2. I had a great time! Was there something on the television?