Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some things I've been Seeing

With some really enjoyable, but pretty tiring work keeping me busier than I think the law allows on Culebra, I've not had much go on that demands the Writing Muse to poke me into action. Or, I'm not skilled enough to write things that are bigger than words. But my eyes are still open. See what you see, whispers the Muse of Sight. I'm listening.

Shouldn't every view from 'work' be like this?
Yes, I'm in love with the hummingbirds
I'm so glad this plant grows all over around my yard (that's the chicken coop!)
Mama scratching for her babies...this should be a video, it's pretty sweet
Magic light time
Magic light time ll
Different day, different magic light time
Have a tangible.Thursday. Do something tantilizing!

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