Monday, February 21, 2011

Atmospherics, Culebra style

I love those times when the atmosphere shrinks the world. I have no idea how it happens (and please, my science head friends and readers, don't bother explaining; I'm quite content to believe it is pure magic or PFM, as I say when the children are covering their ears). Yesterday morning was such a time. If I'd had the right view, I bet I could have seen cars on St. Thomas (one time, when this visual magic was in high gear, I could see cars on St. Thomas, from St. Croix, 40 water miles away! Really).

It was quite still, but also chilly (in our worldview, yes, it was chilly). The sun was there but so were clouds. There was that sort of crystalline quality to the air that...well, makes magic possible. And so it was. I'm not sure exactly how far Dakity* is from the edge of my yard, but I'd guess conservatively at least two miles. I'm not known for conservative guessing, but I am sure it's less than a zillion.

This boat is very close to shore here...those other boats are at Dakity!
I may be wrong, but I think that is Chris Goldmark and guests fishing the reef

Fairy Gold Water
Why is a LCT at the reef? I have no idea. Thanks for the confirmation, Francie!

Today, hopefully, I'm going bird watching to places I don't know about. And people say Culebra is small...nahhhhhhhhhh.

Have a meandering Monday! Do something miraculous.

*Dakity is the name of the reef area at the entrance to our big bay, called Ensenada Honda

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  1. Hey! My SVI debut came about on a LCT, on Vieques, from Roosevelt Roads (Ceiba). Destination: Camp Garcia. As we made the crossing we had to wonder about the arid mounds to the northeast. The curiosity lasted 26 years until the VAL flight touched down after the standard hair-raising approach to CPX.