Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All Culebra All This Post

A typical Culebra story. A man, wrapped in a towel, decides to go into the night, into his yard, to give water to free-roaming horses who have been hanging out there. As he bends to put the bucket on the ground, the young horse in front of him bites his head. Yes, his head. Did the horse think it was an apple? We'll never know. But we are guessing radio signals can be raised on the tower sized bump the horse left him with. No skin was broken. Just another moment in Paradox.

As I was walking back from the bank yesterday I focused in on the new wall paintings, that actually aren't all that new but I really looked at them. Now you can too. Thanks, Benjaman!

Mary is bringing her harp down this year! She sent this photo, adding that it was too cold for bare feet. Who needs bare feet when you have kitty shoes? Island people...gotta love 'em!

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