Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oh what a beautiful morning!

While it looks to be another hot one, the day started - back up on the hill house sitting - with two dogs nudging me out to look at the dawn. Funny how animals do that. And there it was, gold burnishing the sky and water. The three of us stood on the porch awhile singing silent welcome to the day.

Aimee and friends have been working on the median area at the intersection of roads by the airport runway. Little by little they've transformed a very ugly spot into something nice. The windmill is actually powered by wind, not batteries...so it doesn't turn often these days! But when it does...cuteness (I'm not a big fan of cuteness but in this case, I'll sell tickets for it)! She told me they are going to work on another one soon. Thanks, Aimee!! Now, let's keep the trash picked up so we can notice the nice things happening.

Back on flat, if sloping, land CWIM has figured out we're back to half-time play. She shot out of the yard, ignoring even the idea of breakfast to prove her "I'm a cat and I don't need you" independence. Being of much a like mind, I know she'll be back eventually. Lizards just don't stack up once you've been to Friskee's Paree.

Does everyone in my neighborhood have a goat but me? I'm hearing more goats than roosters these days...

This fellow is silent and beautiful. I don't know if he
thought he was hiding, but he let me get pretty close. Nice.

One of the habanero peppers gone rasta colors

On my way home yesterday, for a rare once in a while too busy to stop, I saw that the health food store has its sign up! I'll try to get there today and get some photos and time with Dian. I got a sneak preview - it looks great and the prices are fantasticly reasonable. Dian is looking for suggestions and dietary needs as well, so feel free to let her know what you want to see in there.

Enjoy your Tuesday!

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